Thursday, June 30, 2005

One more day

Today is BC’s final day in the Big East. To celebrate the occasion predictable BC critic Mark Blaudschun recapped the history of the move and the behind the scenes dealing. Mark is a big Big East guy and has not been flattering to BC in this process and clearly announced his pessimism about our ability to compete in the ACC. He also quotes an unnamed athletic official (most likely former Syrcause AD Jake Crouthamel or former UConn AD Lew Perkins) who accuses BC of lying and double dealing -- despite legal evidence that counters the accusation. It’s too bad he took this angle because other papers in ACC country used this chance to write positive things. You’d think BC would get the benefit of the doubt from their local paper. The Herald didn’t even bother with an article.

The whole thing was a mess and tomorrow I will focus solely on the positive and the bright future ahead in the ACC. When the drama was in full swing in 2003, I thought a great book could be written about all characters involved. But the moment has passed and I know I don’t want to revisit what happened. But this shows that being in the big pond has its benefits.

Although BC will be a member of the ACC July 1, we get skipped in this year’s ACC-Big Ten challenge due to the imbalance in members. If Notre Dame would just join the Big Ten, this wouldn’t be a problem! (At this point I get a kick out of baiting Irish fans.)


Jaime Lannister said...

Notre Dame sucks cock, but still and all I must say it is good we are going to the ACC.

Boston is the worst college sports town in America in my opinion (when you consider the number of college kids there) and it's no surprise their 5th rate sportswriters hate BC and do us so many disservices. Boston generally sucks, but Boston sportswriters REALLY suck. Bob Ryan is RUINING PTI this week.

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