Sunday, August 14, 2005

More Media Day stuff

Friday's Media Day resulted in a lot of coverage Saturday.

The Globe went with a Quinton Porter angle. Quinton has talked a lot about Peterson's influence. Please, please, please let some of it show up against BYU.

The Herald had a feature and a notebook. The feature focused on Kiwi (the AP also sent out a Kiwi article). If any of his linemates can draw attention and the occasional double team, I think Kiwi can have a big year. The notebook talked about the running backs. Callender remains somewhat fragile, so look for L.V. to start.

The Patriot-Ledger delivered a rare and welcome article on BC. A good angle too: overlooking our openers. I was at TOB's first game -- a loss to Temple in Philly. Openers have been rollercoasters ever since. BYU will not be a walk over. The team better be ready to play.

In an unrelated basketball note, Craig Smith is kicking ass at the University Games.

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