Monday, August 15, 2005

The real TOB

Tom O'Brien is nearing a decade at the Heights. Always reserved in public, the media portrayed him as the constant Marine. In Brian Curtis' book, Curtis pointed out that TOB's office still looked like it was ready for inspection.

The guy is still a serious runner. Most regular joggers in the area have come across TOB once or twice. So last month when I saw that he drinks Mountain Dew, I was taken aback.

TOB does the Dew

Maybe he just wanted his press conference to have the Mountain Dew edge.

So when I was cruising through the pics from Media Day, this one stood out.
Check out the feet.

He's wearing flip-flops! With socks! Who is this guy? Where is our Tom O'Brien? Are the flip flops a sign of things to come? I don't think Bear Bryant would ever wear flip flops to a press conference. Maybe Mr. Marine is finally showing a little personality. I'll buy him some birks if we get to the Rose Bowl.

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