Monday, December 19, 2005

Meet Sean Williams

Great news: Sean Williams is cleared to play and should make an immediate impact.

What he did was stupid. But I am attributing it to freshman immaturity. I’ve read many reports and received many emails about Sean and I think he will put this behind him. He could’ve bolted this team and gone to schools that are more “player friendly.” But he served his punishment, did what the school asked, and worked on his game and attitude. Sean has a good family structure. I thank them for helping him through this and encouraging him to go back to BC.

Now every BC fan is talking about Williams as the second coming. He is still only the third or fourth most important player on this team. He is very raw offensively. Last year he looked lost at times on the court. He had real problems with ball handling. While athletic, he was not great running the floor.

All that said -- he is a monster defensively. His Bambi like awkwardness masks a ferocious shot blocker. His presence alters games and covers a lot of our current lineup’s defensive short-comings. He was also improving on the boards as his freshmen year progressed. Sean’s leaping ability and agility to adjust his body in the air is unmatched in college basketball. He gives Skinner another man to add to our short bench. He is not Okafor yet, but BC doesn’t need him to be. All he has to do is stand under the basket alter shots and get rebounds. If he can average 8 points, 8 rebounds and 3.5 blocks a night BC can win the ACC.

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