Monday, December 19, 2005

Texas Southern thoughts

It is hard to give a true evaluation of this team based on the Texas Southern game. But here are my few takeaways.

Good rebounding effort. After another lackadaisical effort in the first ten minutes, the transition defense improved. The team did a much better job pressuring the ball. Solid minutes from McLain and Haynes. Craig Smith’s defense -- which included a steal and four blocks.

Rice’s running the point. He is still too careless with the ball and now seems to be thinking too much. He is a shooter, yet is passing up open looks. He should not be getting so many minutes at PG. (Who would’ve thought we’d miss Hailey so much?) I am still hoping he will come around and become more comfortable running the flex and knowing when he needs to shoot. Oates' defense. He was getting beat off the dribble by some real stiffs. If Oates is in, we should be playing zone. That is the only way to compensate for his inability to move. Dudley’s free throw shooting. It has now been off two straight games. He was our must clutch shooter from the line. He needs to get back on track. Smith’s foul trouble (seniors should know better and be more careful.)

A good game overall. These Christmas break games should help the team work out the kinks.

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