Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cross thoughts and Lapham article

I didn’t see the game. From the sound of things, it wasn’t pretty. I am not putting too much weight into our struggles with Holy Cross. It is more important that the team pulled away in the second half and won the game.


Improved foul shooting. As much as I would like to think the team is going to turn it on from here, last night was probably just an aberration. I think the team will be inconsistent all year from the line. Hopefully their “on” free throw nights will be in close games.

Rebounding advantage. It is about time we dominate a team on the boards. I’ve often felt that Craig’s biggest contribution should be rebounding. He’s picked up the scoring load of late, but getting defensive rebounds will greatly improve our defensive efficiency.

Sean Williams. Like the foul shooting, I don’t know if this was a one time thing or the start of something new. Expectations were high for Williams before the bust. They were even higher upon his return from suspension. His first few weeks back have deflated most fans. Maybe now -- after a few weeks back -- we’ve reached an equilibrium. If he can start to contribute 10 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block a game, this team will get very hot.

The Herald basketball reporting. Shalin did some of his best work during last season’s basketball run. The rotation of Herald writers filling the void this season is off to a good start. As I’ve said before, being a beat writer for a college team can be kind of thankless. They are all working from the same material, so getting a good quote or unique take is tough. Yet, yesterday, Rich Thompson, set things up pretty well (in my opinion). First he captured Al’s postgame mood and then he included this quote (that the Globe did not):

“This game didn’t do anything for us if you want to know the truth. I don’t think a game like this gets played very often and played in this manner. If we lose it’s bad — if we win that’s what people expected.”

Most fans would agree with what Al said. But to hear Al voice it was surprising. And to get it in print was even more surprising. Good work by the Herald.


Dudley’s day. Another off shooting night...and three turnovers. Fortunately he was solid from the line and gathered two steals.

Sean Marshall’s night. Off again from long-range. I didn’t see it, but supposedly he also nearly connected on a punch (which would have led to a suspension). I really wish someone would sit him down and tell him what this team needs and doesn’t need from him.

In football news, a New Hampshire paper had a nice article on future BC lineman Rich Lapham.

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Maryland Conservatarian said...

of course the Holy Cross side had a little different take on Coach Skinner's post-game rants