Wednesday, January 04, 2006

UMass thoughts and links

I listened to the UMass game online during the Orange Bowl. From the sounds of things it seemed like our best effort of the season. I like the balance on scoring. I like the improved FT percentage. I am not thrilled with Marshall being our leading scorer and Dudley having a quiet night. I think that will change when games get more intense. Despite only playing a few minutes Williams seems to be making a difference.

Al says this is a different team than the one that played Maryland. I’ll get my first chance to see them in person this weekend. I’ll let you know if I agree.

David Glenn has started an ACC Blog. Definitely worth checking out, including this post on how our amateur athletes clean up during bowl games.

Finally, I like to toot my own horn on what a super football genius I am, so let me point back to my preseason predictions on five teams. Pretty close overall. (I am a regular Biff Tannen.)

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