Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday roundup

Talk about a tale of two cultures. UGA fans are up in arms about the new tailgating policy for Football games. As a BC fan I can only laugh. Eagle faithful would die for: 1. open parking, 2. RVs, 3. More than 2 hours of tailgating and 4. no post game curfew. Some UGA fans are griping about the port-o-johns too. BC fans have been using them for years (and hedges and parked cars...).

Bob Ryan writes another good piece on Jared Dudley.

BC continues to rebuff Texas' offer for a football matchup. I would love to see it, but understand the hesitation to add a huge power to the schedule. However, I would much rather see this game than the semi-MAC schedule we have penciled in. I hope the Athletic Department and coaching staff understand that the MAC games would become much more tolerable if they were offset with the occasional non-conference BCS team.

On a final note unrelated to BC but clearly related to blogging, check out what ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd did to some Michigan bloggers. It is one thing to "borrow" (and I am being generous) without attribution. It is another to be a total dick about it. I am probably more fired up because I am blogger, but if this pisses you off, I suggest you email ESPN's Ombudsman George Solomon.


Drink The Ass said...

Coming up with original content day in and day out is a challenge, and guys like you and the Michigan guys do it daily. What the radio guys did is very wrong, and it undermines basic American principles, moreso than he seems to realize. Terribly wrong this happened, and I know other people like Tucker Max- and much of the rest of the internet are supporting the bloggers here too. Thanks for doing what you do in any case.

Deacon Drake said...

Us turning away Texas? For a home and home series? Then we deserve any shit Boise Bowl we get from here on out.

Maine, URI, Central Mich, Umass, Army, and Buffalo. Not exactly a Who's Who of contenders.