Thursday, March 23, 2006

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A write up in the New York Times. It includes good stories on Dudley and Smith's unique paths to BC. Getting guys who just want to play at a high level is such a simple straight-forward strategy. I cannot imagine a McDonald's All-American would enjoy a weekend watching bad movies with Bill Coen, but it didn't bother Jared Dudley. He just wanted to play. (I eat that stuff up.)

USA Today on Craig Smith

Mark Murphy takes on the Flex in the Herald. Shalin had a great run last basketball season, but Mark has done a good job filling his shoes. He mentions something I've hammered home -- Al adapted his Flex to his players. The Bell version was much more spread out.

A lot of BC fans hate Bob Ryan. I don't and when he is into something, he does a good job. Evidence: a breakdown of the makeup of the Sweet 16 teams.

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