Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mini Maryland thoughts and mini Carolina preview

First Marylyand
Great effort last night. Very refreshing to see the team come out strong. I liked nearly everything. The team handled the press well. Craig looked great. Oates had his best stretch of the season. Dudley and Marshall both looked great from outside.

What I didn’t like -- the intensity level late…it is hard to maintain the huge lead, but at times I thought they let up a little. I also didn’t like Rice’s shot selection in the second half -- still a little to chaotic. Dudley’s low post troubles in the second half were a little worrisome, but Maryland has one of the bigger front lines in the ACC.

Overall it was a really good start.

Carolina preview

For our efforts we get to face the hottest team in the country. I still like our chances and think we should stick to the same model as last game -- Smith and Dudley over and over (make Hansbrough work hard defensively). The stud freshman will get his points, but last game he sat for long stretches to rest. Hansbrough will not be the reason for the win or loss -- it will be about BC containing his teammates (who are playing much better than they did in January).

BC can win this game. They don’t need it, but I think it would really help our seeding and we would get another shot at Duke.

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