Thursday, March 09, 2006

Revisiting Georgia Tech

I don’t want to play Georgia Tech again. BC split the series and both were ugly displays of basketball. Tech is just one of those teams designed to give us fits. I also worry about Paul Hewitt this time of year. I think he has a tendency to over coach games (and whine) during the regular season. Yet come time for the ACC Tournament and he has it all figured out. Tech is Maryland’s problem first. If we do face the Yellow Jackets Friday, here are some things to remember:

What happened?

BC split its series with Tech. The first game at Alexander was a major disappointment. Al juggled the lineup throughout and the team went through long scoring droughts. BC clawed its way back in the second half but lost track of Zam Fredrick on a late possession. Fredrick nailed a 3 and that was the ball game.

In the second game, the result was better but the style of play was not. BC did not shoot well but rebounded much better and made some clutch foul shots down the stretch.

Since the second game…

Tech’s season got worse. Hewitt tried numerous lineups hoping to change results. He also shortened his bench. Nothing seemed to work as Tech was unable to pull out close games and had a few stinkers too. (They also got hosed on a call against Virginia Tech.) Despite picking up two good wins down the stretch -- NC State and Wake -- Tech mailed it in against Clemson in their regular season finale.

How will this game play out?

Hewitt has admitted to having a hard time getting through to his team. I think it will click against Maryland. However, if they do get by the Terps it will be a lot to ask this young, inconsistent team to beat BC the next night. If BC plays Tech, look for another physical, sloppy, inside game...but not as close as the last two meetings.

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