Monday, August 14, 2006

Nightmare on Simms St., Part II put in turnaround. Sequel killed by Matt Simms decision to attend Louisville

Everybody loves a sequel. You know the story. You know the characters. Often, you even know the ending. Horror movies especially lend themselves to sequels. In Horror movies the original protagonist has often been killed off, leaving someone connected (i.e. a child, a sibling, a friend, a spouse) to pick up the pieces and face the same tormentor/curse again. The same mistakes are made. The audience screams: “Don’t go up the stairs! Don’t answer the phone! Don’t watch the tape!” (or whatever else sparks the evil).

For most of the summer it looked like Matt Simms was about to follow the same missteps that plagued his brother’s college career. Take a look:

The golden haired kid with the golden last name looks to make a name for himself separate from his family’s shadow. He is highly recruited by a school where the fan base is thirsting for that missing piece to take them to the next level.

The man Simms would play for is well regarded in the coaching fraternity, yet cannot win over his fan base, despite his accomplishments. He cannot seem to win the big one. Will Simms lead him to the Promised Land?

As the hero battles his demons, he is haunted by a lightly-regarded player in his shadow. The dimple-cheeked, baby-face doesn’t have the pedigree or the physical tools, but will be called the “answer” any time our hero falters.

Alas, Matt is going to Louisville. He’ll write his own story and be just the latest in a recent run of well-known quarterbacks. He’ll slip into a role without challenge and probably throw for a million yards under Bobby Petrino.

BC will move on and try to land another promising Quarterback and hope that Ross Applegate develops into half the gamer that Major Applewhite turned out to be.

What happens if BC cannot find another QB and Ross Applegate gets hurt?

In this story an undersized, local product who got a scholarship on somewhat of a lark gets his one shot at starting and changes history forever.

That is the sequel that every BC fan is secretly hoping for. But fearing a Phantom Menace like letdown, we are all keeping the Flutie thing to ourselves.


JBNC said...

First, as a BC Alum, thanks for running this blog.

Second, I am not in the TOB hating contingent.

Third, I have a feeling Simms is overrated (though I don't know too much about him at this point). Applegate was rated higher in his QB class by some services than Simms is.

I am happy we have Will Thompson who just committed today out of New Jersey.

We'll be alright, while Simms plays the powerhouses South Florida, Rutgers, Cinncinnati (sic?), Ugotconned, etc.

We'll stick with FSU, Miami, V Tech, etc.

ATL_eagle said...

I am not going to throw Simms under the bus. He would've been a good name and the staff thought enough of him to give him an offer. Plus he is from one of our strong holds (Bosco). We should've landed him. Regardless, there is still time to get a good QB in this class.

Road Master said...

Flutie was out most of his senior year. When he was back he helped Natick win the D2 superbowl. I have no idea if he has any talent at QB, but I will say this. If he is the starter in 2008 and performs well, it would bring more attention and press to BC football than any player in the last 25 years.

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