Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quick news roundup

Two takes on Kiwi's early going with the Giants: NY Post and the Bergen Record.

Kevin Armstrong's strong work continues. Now he just needs to let the editors know that BC is not the Golden Eagles. Just Eagles, folks.

A gambler's look at our division.

A great article on recent commit Will Thompson.

A local Mass hoops tourney includes a BC target.

Although we joined the ACC, Newsweek is calling us one of the "new Ivies."


Option Right said...

Newsweek included pretty much every college in the U.S. in their "new Ivies" in addition to us.

Colby College?!? WTF?

Alex L. said...

That list is pretty much meaningless. Duke, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins aren't even on the list. And NYU, Notre Dame and Chapel Hill have been presitgious for decades