Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Clemson cash and AOL link

Here is an interesting article on Clemson fans spending money in Boston (thanks Meaghan). BC really needs to do something like the $2 stunt. No one wears the angry chicken garb, so we need one way to present a united front when we travel. Marking the money doesn't seem like a bad idea. (However, I used credit cards whenever I can. But I do stand out on road trips in my maroon pants.)

AOL link on Paul Peterson's return.


Badger Tracker said...

Love, love, love the $2 bill thing. LOVE IT. I've spent close to 2000 $2 bills over the past two years in Madison just for kicks, and I've found several with that paw print stamp on them. It's just cool that they take an underappreciated denomination and make themselves known with it.

And lest anyone wonder where the Clemson fans get all these $2 bills, the government is planning to print almost a quarter billion of them this year.

Alex L. said...

Alot of people don't like the "angry chicken" but I really don't mind it that much. As a matter of fact, I was about to purchase that hat but then I changed my mind when I realized there was a stigma attached to it. Too bad. I liked the angry eagle since it showed our mascot can be fierce and intimidating.

LAEagle said...

Not exactly on topic, but yesterday TOB was on ESPNU's college football podcast with Ivan & Beano. Not very dynamic (believe it or not).. of course, Maisel asked him a question that started something like: "Now that you are in your third year in the ACC..."

heightsman said...

There a better version of the Angry Eagle on the cover of the 2006 Game Plan ( but I'm hoping they'll eventually drop the oval "angry chicken" for this one.