Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Heaven help us

The Pope loves BC's colors but hates the italics numbers

BC’s game against BYU is one of the rare matchups in college football -- a game between two religiously affiliated schools.

There are only five remaining universities with religious affliations and DIA Football teams (Baylor, Boston College, BYU, Notre Dame and SMU).

We have a 7-9 record against Notre Dame. We have four more games scheduled against the other Catholic school. Unfortunately there are no discussions to continue the series beyond 2010.

BC has a 3-0 record against the Baptist Baylor Bears. We owe them a return game. Other than that, I’ve heard nothing about continuing the series.

BC has a 0-1 record against SMU. There are no current plans to create a series.

BC is 1-1 against TCU. Once again, no discussion of creating a series.

BC is 1-1 in the series heading into its game this weekend with BYU.

Religion is one of those topics you are not suppose to talk about. College football can bridge those uncomfortable gaps. A Southern, born-again might not trust the Pope, but he can relate to wanting to see the backup quarterback get his shot.

BC’s current out of conference slate is proving very unappealing to our fans. Perhaps adding a little twist will be good for a little buzz. Regardless, these other affiliated schools share many of the same principals BC touts when building its program (winning the right way).

So my advice to Gene D -- stop searching the MAC for games and start searching the Bible Belt.


older_4me said...


Patrick Lane said...

isn't Wake Forest a Baptist school?

heightsman said...

And Duke is still officially Methodist.

ATL_eagle said...

According to Wikipedia, Duke and Wake are not officially affliated with any religous group.

heightsman said...

From US News & World Report ...

Religious affiliation: Methodist

Patrick Lane said...

wikipedia is notoriously unreliable, and is banned by some profs at bc (an I imagine at most campuses) for citation.