Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mr. Smith goes to town

A hard-fought, gutsy, sometimes dumb, and important win. Huge day for Jeff Smith. Ryan played pretty well. Really, a team effort.

I'll have my grades and expanded thoughts later.

Getting this win was huge. BC can beat every team remaining on its schedule. But if they keep winning this way, I won't make it to the end of the season.


LAEagle said...

Man that was ridiculous. I can't repeat what I was yelling at my screen during this one. The penalties have to stop. The DB's giving 20 yard cushions on third and twelve is going to kill me. Hard to figure out how we found a way to win this one. Defense gives up long plays then stiffens. Offense looks scared then runs the ball well. Fumbles were horrible. Jeff Smith was unreal though. He should have been the Cheverolet Player of the Game. I want to see him at wide out running those out and ups - maybe Ryan won't over throuw him.

Still can't believe we won that game. We tried so hard to lose.

Amd before the Clemson crown starts whining about the overturned interception - it was a good call. (But I would stil be bitter if it happened to us.)

Jaime Lannister said...

What a great game, so much stress. My wife screamed at me after the 82 yd play following the fumble that my 'screaming was getting scary' and demanded the noise be toned down.

Here's hoping that Smith was not having a Tuffy Rhodes game -- his track speed sure translated to football speed today. Got to get him some touches on O.

Get on the wire and start beating the bushes, we need to know what's going on with Toal. Even if the rumors that he separated his shoulder are true, I don't think it's season-ending, I really like Francois.

Though I didn't like the Silva call, still too many personal fouls. Willis needs to kick Rajji in the balls.

Clem said...

Congrats guys, this seems to be the norm for the Clemson BC game now, OT and a W in your column. Smith torched our special teams and our defense didn't know where it was. Add in that Ryan picked apart the secondary AGAIN and the Tigers just put in a poor performance. I think it was shaky football on both sides of the ball, hopefully both teams got it out of their systems and will be ready for the next games. Hope the Tigers take this loss and take it to Tally for a win (heck Troy took the noles to the wire!). Good Luck the rest of the season guys!!

lola said...

i'm with clem. good game. bc was an awesome place to visit. some really cool fans, too. i liked the older gentleman in cityside with that damn eagle hat on. i truly cannot take another season like last year. another heartbreaker in ot. i'm worn out.
but not down yet. and let the whining begin......RON CHERRY SUX.