Friday, September 08, 2006

Want to understand why I think we will win?

The odds are against BC. I am pretty frustrated with the CMU performance. Clemson is hot. Yet I think BC will win. Why? I don't have any good stat. Nothing jumps out. I grasped at straws in my preview.

My instinct is not logical. It's emotional. I think we can beat Clemson and have a fighting chance in every game of this season for one reason: this clip!

It doesn't make sense. One hit in one game doesn't make a quarterback. But I am not rational. I am a fan. And seeing a kid bounce back from a hit like this and lead his team to victory plays to my susceptible emotions. Gives me strength. It gives me faith.

Matt Ryan is not perfect. But he is tough. He has heart and he is fearless. He may not even see the field this weekend. If he doesn't it will be a big mistake. I believe he can do it again...even on one good leg.


Clem said...

Yeah he took a lickin and kept on tickin. Charlie did that early in his career and established respect with the entire O. Ryan is questionable and gametime decision but I agree with you that he will start. We are just glad that Kiwi is gone! Hopefully we can take advantage of the missing LB while we have the ball as we know the absence of Waters will be witnessed in your running game success.

Good Luck!

Option Right said...

I really hope Matt Ryan's career at the Heights is successful, because as of now he is known (fairly or not) as the guy who cost "us" the Fiesta bowl during his freshman year.

Chili said...

This game is a big tossup, it will be a close one, and one I would never bet on. I kinda have the feeling my Tigers are going to pull it out. There will be a bunch of fans wearing orange in Chestnut Hill tomorrow. Best of luck to you guys.

flutie22phelan20 said...

Option Right-

On the list of people who "cost" BC a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, I would say Matt Ryan is pretty low. A freshman quarterback making his first start, and being forced to throw 50 times by our inept defense that day? That was his fault?!?! I mean, he didn't play great, but what'd you expect the kid to come in and throw 5 touchdowns?

Our D couldn't stop a second-string d-back from running all over us. To place the blame at Ryan's feet is a bit much.