Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thoughts on the UMass win

Got my second look at the hoops team Saturday on CSTV (for those of you who have CSTV, how weird was it to hear WWE's Coach on play-by-play?). I was really happy with what I saw:
-- Dudley got people involved without scoring
-- Marshall did what he should -- cut to the basket. Yes, he made a few long shots, but he is most useful when he is being physical and cutting to the hoop.
-- Williams offensive game is steadily improving. While he didn't finish like he did against MSU, his post moves were solid.
-- Rice is getting better running the offense. Most importantly he is clutch from the line.
-- Using last season's flex sets.

What concerned me:
-- Pressure still gives this team problems. Dudley and Rice are the only guys with any handle, so whoever is out there needs to get back and help them pass out of the pressure.
-- Oates still has trouble moving his feet on defense. He also needs to be a more physical rebounder.

Thanksgiving week was a disaster. This week, the team looked like a Top 20 squad. As they find out what works and what doesn't I think they will be the team we hoped they would.

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