Monday, December 04, 2006

What I know about the Bowls and a few links

I never claim to be an insider. But sometimes people tell me stuff and sometimes I just happen to know people who know. This is what I've heard about the ACC Bowl selections...

Georgia Tech losing really screwed things up for many bowls. Because of their position in the conference with the "within one loss rule" they were forced on the Gator Bowl by the ACC (this was in the news and talked about while I was in Jax). This pushed Clemson down the slots. The Peach had no interest in us once we lost to Miami, but even if we had won, VT probably would have been their choice as they were the safer bet.

Music City liked the South Carolina-BC matchup, but once Clemson became available, they took the Tigers. We weren't the only ones screwed as South Carolina got bumped to avoid the Clemson-SC rematch.

The Champs Bowl in Orlando came down to travel rep.

For other news...

Here is my AOL Fanhouse take on the multiple O'Brien rumors. I think he wants out.

This was posted on Eagle Action already, but it does provide an update on a Running Back we are recruiting.

One other note about the Car Care Bowl -- it is a matchup of the schools with the best graduation rates. Do you think that is how ESPN is going to push it?


Anonymous said...

TOB sucks. I'm so sick of this shit. Navy for crissakes. Why even go? What's the upside? Yay, we beat a service academy. Great. Thanks TOB, whatta season. Why don't you stay down there, a-hole.

Joe Grav said...

they should bill it as the Battle of Church vs. State