Wednesday, January 24, 2007

King me!

The 'King of the Court' came up huge. This win will prove to be very important. He wasn't the only one either...we got production from Blair and Oates. Dudley, as expected, had some trouble with Thorton, but still made many clutch shots (I am a little worried that he is hurting and having to coast for streches of the second half). Rice played much better. Sure he was still a little reckless, but looked great driving to the hoop and was much better after struggling early. Here are a few other thoughts...

-- Marshall driving to the hoop. Sure, the game winner was a jumper, but how good did he look along the baseline? I also think his offseason diet is paying dividends in the transition game.
-- Getting easy baskets after the other team's break. We've always cherry picked with Al, but have made it an artform this year. It is nice to punish other teams for running on us.
-- Blair's D. He will never be Williams, but his D was much better Tuesday. Instead of using his arms, he bodied up and also moved his feet well. Let's hope he keeps getting better.
-- More straight zone. I don't think we will scrap the amoeba, but a straight zone will be needed as this team tires.

Dislikes: (these are recurring dislikes)
-- Foul shoting. Enough said.
-- Turnovers. They corrected things, but it still got them in a hole.
-- Perimeter D. This is just a fact of like under Al.

The team had to play very well to beat Florida State. Near perfection is very hard to maintain every game, but if this team just gets four more conference wins, I think they will make the NCAAs.

Game pictures

Loyal reader Meaghan H. took advantage of her great seats to play guest photographer for the night. Enjoy her shots below.


DoubleEagle said...

Great analysis of the team. I found your blog yesterday, searching for details on the loss of S. Williams, and I'm very impressed by your in-depth analysis. I've learned a lot, reading up. Thanks!

Great win--tough 3 Marshall sank as time expired, off-balance and in double coverage. Hopefully, this will be a psychological boost for a team feeling some heat.

Deacon Drake said...

After looking at the schedule a couple more times, it appears we are in for that dreaded "4-6 Last 10" mark, which is crippling in the eyes of the committee (especially when the #4 teams in the mid-majors are pulling down an RPI of 45 and a 7-3 mark).

I see us finishing at 9-7, which may be good enough for 4th, or bad enough for 7th. It helps that right now much of our competition for those middle of the road ACC spots (4-7) are either teams we have already beaten or sinking ships.

You are correct that we must split with VaTech, but considering they may be the real deal moreso them Clemson, we'd better also split with the Tigers, too.

Oh yeah... just throwing it out there, but maybe beating Hartford will help.

flutie22phelan20 said...

What a game. Regardless of how we do the rest of the way, games like last night are why we watch.

Tim said...

Great blog. Discovered it during the football coach search; keep up the excellent work!

Huge win last night going into the Duke game this weekend.