Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wake and Mason thoughts and few links

Wake Forest and Boise State

Everyone is talking about Boise State and what their win means for college football. It is a great story and all, but it means nothing to BC. BSU developed a nice niche for themselves and have a great program. But for a variety of reasons, BC could never duplicate their success. As a BCS team we are insiders to the process so we will never be considered gate crashers. Also we will not give up our identity to win, so don’t expect to see us go the Boise St. route with unconventional schemes and Junior College transfers. (I do think we can go undefeated one day and capture the nation’s attention again. But that discussion is for another time and place.)

While Boise State is something we can never be, Wake Forest is something we should aspire to be. The ACC Champion Deacons face Louisville in the Orange Bowl tonight. For all the doubters about BC’s potential, one need look no further than Winston-Salem. Wake won the conference and is playing in a BCS Bowl despite a small fanbase and student body, in a non-college football market, with a poor college football history, using real student athletes, with limited facilities, and in an underdeveloped recruiting territory. While Wake doesn’t do this every year, they did it right this year. I hope they win tonight to prove a point -- there is no reason why BC cannot win a BCS game.

Glen Mason: the Midwest TOB

Has anyone else noticed the heat Minnesota is taking for firing Glen Mason? They dared show an established coach the door because they felt they could do better and had grown tired of their plateau and emotionless football. Sound familiar? BC is very lucky NC State came in when they did. The TOB thing was going to blow one day soon, and we would have taken a huge PR hit from it. Gene is not perfect but he handled this process well and with minimal damage.


Here is a link on what Green Bay is doing to replace Jags. Notice his rep for keeping guys inline.

Here is an article on Sean Williams.

Navy blogger Adam took some good pics of the bowl. If you have some of your own shots that you would like to share, please email them to me and I will post ASAP.

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