Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Logan's in!

Wow. Steve Logan officially joined Jags’ staff as offensive coordinator. This has been rumored for weeks, but being a BC fan I was worried that it wouldn't work out. I'll have more on Logan in the next few weeks, but this is a huge hire. He gives Jags instant credibility, provides a strong, bold and proven offensive philosophy, and best of all a sounding board for a first-time head coach. For all those who said Jags was a Gene puppet, this is definitive proof of the contrary. Anyone who knows Logan, knows that he is his own man. Jags could fill the remaining staff with a bunch of rookies at this point and it wouldn’t matter. With Logan, Spaz and McGovern around, this will be a very good staff. We are in good hands.

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sammie said...

This is a very good hire. This guy can help him set up a legit head coaching system. I feel quite a bit better now. This guy was also quite a recruiter in the Carolina area. Hopefully this will slow down the negative stuff floating around the airwaves. BC has been taking a pounding from it's flagship station WEEI. It won't make them fans but it might stop the negatives.

That is, in fact another matter. With this good coaching news I hate to get into Gene bashing again. But, I must. He hires John Meterperel, a "fall guy" co-host on the most popular sports radio morning show, as the football announcer. He was apparantly looking for positive pr. But, it has backfired, as no mattter what BC does they get dumped on. The Jags hiring has been the butt of jokes for 2 weeks. The BBall announcer, Ted Serandis, has less credibility than Meterperel and brings even more ridicule on the program. The ultimate indignity is that the station's main signal began carrying the Notre Dame games midway through the year, even head to head.