Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Logan on Logan's offense

Eagle Insider poster TWballgame found this great link by Steve Logan on his offense.

Now, nothing Logan writes is revolutionary. It is the type of offensive philosophy that goes back to Don Coryell and I know that many of these same principles were part of the TOB/Bible scheme. But here are some things that are very refreshing:

1. “throw first, then run”
2. Use of words like “attack” and “aggressive”
3. His third and long package calls for deep routes with cuts and comebacks. He even mentions the tradeoff of losing the underneath routes. I think one of the most frustrating things about Bible was the short crossing route on third and long. It is such a low percentage play and put the burden on the WR to run for the first down.
4. His points on coaching QBs at the end. I am glad he realizes that you have to treat a veteran different from a rookie. How many times did Paul Peterson have to plead to open the offense? How come Matt Ryan was not allowed to audible at the line this year? He also clarifies the critical mistakes a QB can make: sacks and not throwing the ball away. Quinton Porter, despite five years with Bible, never let that sink in.

I will post more on Logan’s actual results at ECU in the coming days and weeks, but this is a nice introduction to what we will see on the field.


twballgame9 said...

I actually have to credit the blatent NU grads at Barstool Sports with finding the link. I have to give them credit, for once they like something that "Superfan U" did.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

Ryan was visibly frustrated that he wasn't given the opportunity to advance the ball in the final minute on Saturday. Perhaps he saw something in the defense that they could exploit, but his inability to audible resulted in them running it up the gut.

Even though Aponovicious made the kick, the decision not to try and get closer (which almost resulted in time expiring) really irked me. It was vintage Bible and I am very excited to have Logan coming in.

Deacon Drake said...

Of note- I watched alot of ECU football, and I always thought Logan was a good guy. As long as he only works with the offensive strategy, we'll be OK. The Pirates never seemed to play very consistently though.

ANd let's hope he doesn't bring back Tim Rose, either... that guy... never mind.

Dynamo Water Polo said...

Congrats on getting Logan. The Wolfpack is not happy to see him leave his radio gig in Raleigh to run the offense of one of its oppenents. Good luck next year. Hopefully having TOB in Raleigh will be good for both of us.

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