Sunday, February 25, 2007

Clemson thoughts

Big win. There is now way this team does not get invited to the NCAAs. 10 wins is enough. BC's RPI is solid. There are not 65 better teams than this one. If the get snubbed, it will be twice the injustice that 2003 was. Now my thoughts on the Clemson win:

-- Dudley breaking out of his slump. Jared has been getting doubled on the low post for weeks now. So what does he do today? Gets the ball on the perimeter. From there he got his looks from 3. He beat his man off the dribble. He found other cutters. This was perfect. If teams want to double him he can just move outside and still generate offense.
-- Rice driving the lane. Clemson's guards are small strong and quick, yet Rice was able to get to the basket. Great sign for March and great sign that he will continue to create his own points next season.
-- The 2-3. They made a big deal of it on the broadcast, but they didn't give Al much credit. Al has his critics, but this simple sort of adjustment shows his skill and insight. He has his preference (the amoeba) but it didn't work against Clemson. BC got out of position, got pushed around and let Clemson get too many open looks. By going to the 2-3 for long stretches, he made Clemson shoot over us...and they struggled. The 2-3 has one other benefit -- it forces someone to be in the lane and prevents easy layups.
-- Sean Marshall. A nice end to a nice career.

-- Oates, the nonfinisher. No excuse. It is one thing to miss a 3. It is another to miss a put back. This should never, ever be an issue for someone his size.
-- The bench points. Horrible production and minutes from everyone else. They all had chances to contribute but did very little.
-- The refs. I hate complaining about this but Dudley is not getting any calls.

Good game. Now the team can rest up and prep for a tough GT team.

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flutie22phelan20 said...

Sean Marshall played an almost flawless game. All credit to him on that.