Monday, February 26, 2007

Spinning about seeds; links

The Herald wrote an article about Skinner's campaigning for the ACC after the Clemson game. It was unusual for Al to talk about that sort of thing. Well, there is an explanation for his stump speech -- it was planned. The ACC has its coaches out there setting expectations for the next two weeks. I think it might help. What is more important, however, is that the conference played a much stronger and RPI friendly non-conference slate.

After playing well their first year in the ACC, the BC Women are really struggling.

The baseball team is also having a rough time.

This isn’t sports, but is so unusual, I had to link to it. Stabbings on campus?!? What’s going on? And two girls to boot. Weird.


Bravesbill said...

The story gets better yet. The two girls were apparently fighting over the use of a dryer. Apparrently, Jones (the stabber) had her clothes in the dryer when the victim took them out and put them on top of the dryer and put her own clothes in. Then Jones came back and saw that her clothes had been moved, so she took out the clothes out of the dryer, threw them on the ground, and put hers back in. Then the victim, seeing her clothes on the floor when she came back, took Jones' clothes outside of the dryer and them them into a bucket of bleach. Jones happened to come into the laundry room at that point and confronted the victim before stabbing her with a switchblade. Weird, weird story

Dave said...

Any word on whether either of these girls will be trying out for the back-up punter position at Northern Colorado?