Friday, February 02, 2007

Jags as OC: Game 3, Rutgers 1997 [Updated]

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This project may be a little harder than I imagined. The stats for this game are not available in the same format as the previous games. I am kicking myself because I called this game on BC radio and kept all sorts of stats and press releases, yet all that stuff got tossed years ago. Oh well. Here is what is available.

Stat Line

First downs 29
Rushed-yards 58-210
Passing yards 314
Sacked-yards lost 3-32
Return yards 29
Passes 21-27-0
Punts 3-38.7
Fumbles-lost 2-1
Penalties-yards 4-35
Time of possession 37:15

So what can we tell about the game? Jags understands getting the ball to your best player. A week after Mike Cloud burst on the scene with a 200 yard day, he hit another milestone by scoring four TDs in one game. Three of Cloud's scores were on the ground and one was a pass. There wasn't as much balance as the Temple game, but why work for balance when you can run so well and control the clock for 37 minutes.

Hasslbeck was very efficient connecting on 21 of 27 passes and completing throws to nine different guys.

I don’t have the complete stats but I also remember Hasselbeck having a decent game and us mixing up the run and pass pretty well.

Through the first three games Jags was really clicking. He would face his first hiccup the next game against Cincinnati.

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