Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stay gold

Shiny happy people! I liked the new look.

Must win and the team dominated. Gotta like that. Probably the best team effort of the season. As I've been saying and as Dudley repeated in Saturday's Globe, if this team gets to 10 regular season ACC wins, they are in the Big Dance. Now they are one step closer. Here are my thoughts:

-- Jared Dudley's game. 30 points, 11 rebounds, four 3s and that is after missing long stretches with foul trouble. In the second half, anytime VTech cut the lead, Dudley nailed a momentum changer. Performances like this give me hope that we can beat anyone in the country.
-- Tyrese Rice’s handling of the offense. Much more controlled. Only three turnovers and a good job of getting people involved and using the clock in the second half.
-- Tyrelle Blair’s contributions. Three blocks and six rebounds. Great. Give us more of that down the stretch and we’ll be fine. He is leaps and bounds better than he was against Clemson.

-- Sean Marshall’s chucking it. What was that? Did he use up all of his touch in the Florida State game? I guess what disappoints me is that when his shot is not dropping, the rest of his game shouldn’t suffer. He should still rebound well and still defend well. He didn’t Saturday.
-- Oates’ production. No points...again. This guy should at least be good for an easy basket or two considering his minutes.
-- Too many 3 attempts. I know we made 12, but we have no business shooting 30. This team needs to draw fouls and get to the line. By shooting that many 3s, we get away from what we do best. It worked in this game, but will not down the stretch.

Now these guys just need to take it game by game and show up focused against Miami on Wednesday.

This is what the Goldies looked like in my day. That's Keenan Jourdan, the "point forward" of the JOB era.


Tim said...

Just got back from the game. Definitely the most solid performance of the year from start to finish. Dudley was unstoppable, Rice played within himself, and Blair/Roche/Spears contributed nicely. Wish Dudley didn't get into foul trouble and we could've seen him drop 50. One random thing I noticed on the negative side - Tyler Roche's shot. No rotation on the ball whatsoever. Maybe this was random or maybe it works for him, but it was pretty ugly! He did log some quality minutes, however - some nice hustle plays. Need to keep the momentum going.

Bosco2BC said...

first off, i loved the gold uniforms. this win over va tech in such dominating fashion hopefully propels us in the direction that we need to go. i can only hope that skinner puts his loyalty to the side and ultimately decides to start t-blair over oates. even though oates went to my HS alma mater, the guy barely has a presence amongst the starting 5. another "like" i had was tyler roache's minutes... this can only add to his confidence. solid play all around as we head into the heart of our ACC schedule.

on a side note, i loved how greg paulus missed his open 3 in an attempt to beat UVA in OT. i can't wait for that annoying floor-slapper to get heckled in conte.

sammie said...

Disagree with your dislike of the 3s. We do not have an real offensive inside presence now. Duds and Rice are very capable at the 3, as well as Marshall whem he get ark on his shots. It not only opened up the inside for Rice and even Blair, it also tends to allow for rebounds to kick out of the paint where we have a strong rebound presence. Al has inverted the offense to fit the teams strengths and to prepare for the big boys. I think this will work.

Also, I took heat on the BC board over attendance. Maybe you can get a straight answer from sport information, because I have gotten 2 different stories. But what is clear, is they they do not use turnstyle attendance. Yesterday they reported a sell out (yes all tickets were sold) and capacity game attendance was reproted in the box score. The group on one side of me, who is who just rips the donor based seating, counted over 800 empty seats in the donor based seating sections. That is over 20% no shows for a big ACC game in those seating sections. Maybe they are going to generate donation funds, but the people giving are not coming to the games.

ClassO10 said...

As a current student and long time fan, it is so frustrating to see so many open seats in those sections. Just a real waste of great seats which students could use. We don't donate yet so we get stuck with bad seats. Look at any big time program and the student are right on the court.

Deacon Drake said...

And at this point, our schedule to date is starting to look fairly good.

Vermont, URI, Yale currently lead their conferences, and UMass, Kansas, and Sacred Heart are #2. Hell, even Duquesne is riding a 4 game win streak. MSU and Providence are disappointing, but still posting wins. Fairfield and Northeastern were charity games, so that leaves only 2 donkeys on the docket: UNH and Hartford.

Still want to avoid a slump here at the end, although 3-4 looks impossible to avoid.

Tim said...

From Andy Katz's blog on

"OK, start the campaign halfway through the ACC: if Boston College stays in the top three in the league, then the Eagles should and could sweep player and coach of the year awards. Al Skinner has done a marvelous job since the dismissal of Sean Williams. He got an eighth player, Tyler Roache, to contribute, and he coached Tyrelle Blair into being a decent big man replacement for Williams -- not to mention how he maximizes everyone else. As for ACC Player of the Year, it's hard to go against senior Jared Dudley, who put up 30 points and 11 boards on the Hokies Saturday and is averaging 18.9 points and 8.7 boards."