Thursday, February 08, 2007

Miami thoughts

I only saw portions of the game and relied on Ted and Bill for the rest. Here are my thoughts.

-- Al Skinner’s t-shirt. I like to post substance and analysis. Yet after the game, all I could think about was Skinner’s wardrobe. For those who didn’t see it, Skins rocked a horizontally ribbed shirt that mocked the concept of a mock turtleneck. The collar was so short that it was practically a v-neck. I loved every minute of it. I hope Al dons a SuperFan shirt under his suit for the next game. As long as he is comfortable. He’s earned it.
-- Oates movement. Oates has not had a good year. His production is down. His shot is not falling. Yet Wednesday he looked much improved. He will never be quick, but he moved well on both ends against Miami. This helped open up spots and created space.
-- Rice running the offense. First he is clutch when the other teams start fouling us, but more importantly he played 40 minutes without turning the ball over. Rice just keeps getting better.

-- Letting Miami hang around. The Canes are limited. They played in an empty arena. They are in the middle of a bad losing streak, yet they hung with BC for nearly 30 minutes. BC need to rebound better and protect the ball better.
-- Spears foul trouble. He needs to be careful. As everyone knows, we have a very short bench and cannot afford to have our second best rebounder sitting. He needs to learn how to adjust his style when he gets into trouble.

Ten ACC wins now seems highly plausible. Can we get to 12? Let’s hope so.


Andrew said...

Thank God basketball coaches have kept alive the sport coat/un-collared shirt look. Otherwise, it would fade into oblivion.

Oates is tough to watch. He hit a couple of big jumpers last night, but I wince every time. I feel like Blair gives so much more on the defensive end.

LAEagle said...

You should link the Kelli Anderson interview with Dudley. Very nice (though nothing too insightful). It's good to get him some national pub.

flutie22phelan20 said...

Every road win's a bonus, so we'll take it. The stretch that Dudley is on right's just say if our colors were blue and white and we were located in Durham, he'd be the lead story on SportsCenter every night.

Gotta love Skinner's wardrobe. He goes with the full suit for every home game, but then the jacket with a mock turtleneck or collared shirt on the road. Guess he wants to be comfortable. You should visit Eastern Clothing of Watertown next time you're in the area, and tell them you want the Skinman away game look.

Jeff said...

Gene was there and I had a chance to talk to him. He was very friendly and after talking with him I now doubt all the rumors about a rift with Skinner. I really did not have much interaction with him prior to the other night and was very impressed with him as a representative of BC.