Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New coaches, new players and new links

Jags announced two more staff spots. Comissiong has been on staff for a few weeks. There is still one more spot that will probably be filled by the end of the week with a familiar name.

Here is an article on incoming offensive lineman John Elliott. This was Jags first big close.

Here is the transcript of Gene's chat. I've got to give the guy credit for taking on some of the more critical questions. I've said my piece on donor based seating. I don't buy Gene's claim of rising expense. While expenses are rising, the reason we are charging more is because we can. Every school is doing it and we should follow and market forces will rule.

Here is an article on Tyrese Rice.

This post goes to bat for Craig Smith. Craig deserved a Rookie game invite.

Recruiting will be on everyone's mind for the next few weeks. Thanks to Blue Gray Sky and EDSBS for finding some of these links.

Here is an article on how the highest ranked recruiting classes performed.

This article sheds light on a study about why recruits pick their schools.

Think you understand NCAA recruiting laws? Take the test that would allow you to recruit.

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Bosco2BC said...

craig smith really got the shaft by not being invited to the rookie game for all-star weekend. his numbers are very respectable, given his limited minutes playing with the t-wolves. i must say - even though i was as big a craig smith fan as you'd find during his tenure at BC - i'm pleasantly surprised that he's doing so well in the pros. i was estatic when he netted 23 points a few weeks ago. i really hope that he's the first of many "skinner products" to develop themselves as solid players in the NBA (still hoping that troy bell ressurrects himself from the d-league).

it should be interesting to see how dudley's draft stock develops itself by the summer time...