Wednesday, February 28, 2007

St. Joe's jumps on BC bandwagon; other links

I am all for non-alumni support, but this is unusual. It seems that St. Joseph’s is trying to adopt Boston College football. They are going to go so far as to buy tickets and coordinate events with our Athletic Department. I don’t think many BC fans will notice, but it wouldn’t hurt if St. Joe’s wanted to buy say 10,000 bowl tickets.

Here is a write up on Beeks at the combine.

Gene held another chat Tuesday. Can people stop with the Lacrosse questions? Under Title IX there is 0 chance it will ever come back.


GordonsLeftFoot said...

Interesting about St. Joe's adopting BC football. BU should consider adopting Temple.

LAEagle said...

I'm not so sure about this St. Joe's thing. I'm still bitter about losing to them in the 1981 NCAA sweet 16. We chartered a bus (led by our now orange-wearing alum Bruce Pearl) and drove through the night to Indiana University. We led most of the game and went into a stall, up 1, with 5 minutes to go. As I recall, we turned the ball over after a time out with about 30 seconds to go and ended up losing by 1. Horrible loss. Of course it saved us from playing Isiah Thomas and IU at IU. They crushed St. Joe's and everyone else they played that tourney.