Thursday, March 01, 2007

Maryland just guaranteed our Tournament spot

I’ve always believed that 10 regular season ACC wins was enough. Maryland’s late surge just made us a sure thing. If the Terps beat NC State this weekend they will probably finish the regular season as a Top 10 RPI team. This does two things for BC. First it gives us our best signature win. It also makes it nearly impossible for the committee to leave us out given our better ACC record and our head to head win.

The ACC teams are pretty set. Barring a miraculous run in the ACC Tourney, Florida State and Clemson are out. Nine conference losses are just too many. The only possible bubble team is Georgia Tech, but I think they need to finish at 8-8. They can beat BC and UNC, but I don’t see it happening.

And for anyone still doubting, this is our resume:

-- 6-6 against top 50 teams
-- RPI of 25
-- 10-5 in the ACC (with a chance at 11 wins)
-- Strength of Schedule: 9

The only true blight is the loss to Duquesne (current RPI of 215). Even Vermont is a Top 100 team. We are in. No questions now.


ClassO10 said...

Maryland also guaranteed us a bye in the ACC Tournament as well.

Andrew said...

It would probably be more work than it's worth, but do you think the RPI would change much with a "W" against Duquesne or Vermont?

ATL_eagle said...

It wouldn't put us in the teens.

sammie said...

I do not know if a bye in the Tourney is to our benefit, unless, of course, it leads to the championship game. I'm not saying that won't happen. But picking up a win against a bottom feeder ( a loss would be a killer) and then losing to Duke or MD might be better for our seeding than just losing to Duke in the 4/5 game. If we go 1 and out in the tourney we also will have gone 19-20 days and have only played 2 games. Right now losing to GT, getting a bye and going 0-1 could drop us to a an 8/9 seed at 19-11.


ClassO10 said...

We are guaranteed a bye in the ACC so might as well think of it as a positve and go from there.