Friday, July 06, 2007

Non news on Cherilus bar fight

Cherilus got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and the Globe put it on their front page.

If you actually read the account of the incident, you'll see that Gosder and Tribble are just getting roped in because of who they are, not what they did. Both deny any wrong doing and the cop/bar owner involved is also claiming they're innocent. It was a crowded two-story bar on the 4th of July. The place was filled with potential witnesses. If either guy did anything wrong, it would be all over the Boston media. Instead one lawyer and one slow day at the Globe gives this more attention than it deserves.

UPDATE: I posted my more neutral take at the Fanhouse too.


Eagle0407 said...

In the paper version of the globe, this is on the front of the City & Region section, but only the first 3 and a half paragraphs, which just mention Cherilus as a suspect and then say that the guy needed surgery for spinal injuries and had a fractured knee. Of course all of the details that make the BC guys look like good samaritans are buried back on page 4 for anyone who takes the time to read it. Very very poor judgment - brings back memories of them publishing the huge photo of bc students sleeping during graduation.

Frankly, I'm surprised the Globe didn't put this on the front page, which today includes such eye-popping headlines as "Suspicious toothpaste is ordered off shelves" and "Greenland yields hope on climate."

BCMcG said...

Of course this was written by Bob Hohler who went after the BC hoops program a few years ago.

Good for Gos breaking up the fight.

downtown_resident said...

Somebody back there in Boston must know Joseph Doyle, the attorney who's driving this whole "story" (along with his willing accomplices at the Globe). I'm guessing he's got a penchant for bending the truth...anyone have any background?

DL said...

I think you are right on that this was the result of who they were and the fact that they were there when it happened. This hasn't hit the major wires yet and has avoided ESPN/CBS, which tells you that most people can see this for what it is.

A bar owner and a patron jarring at each other and it getting a little ugly.

Alex L. said...

Gotta love that unbiased Globe coverage.

LAEagle said...

lets be completely fair here...tribble does have a way of finding his way into trouble...ask his cronie s.williams

Intheknow said...

Make way for the non paying customers or else..he didn't swing first he was helping out a female friend who was tossed from her chair by the cop who owns the place..(not the first accusation) for questioning giving up her seat to the non paying customers.
He was grabbed from behind and nearly had his head torn off. How many bars don't have cameras, take a look around. This thing stinks.