Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kent State on the schedule and other links

By now most have probably read the Globe notebook that mentioned the Kent State games, but I thought I would give my quick thoughts. This is a good game and situation for BC. I'd be more concerned if we were still in the TOB soft schedule era, but Jags and Gene have shown that they are looking to strengthen our out of conference slate. If you are going to take on USC, Notre Dame and other marquee programs, I have no problem with balancing the heavyweights with a MAC team. Regular reader Kevin expressed a fear that I am sure many have: "we were lucky to escape our last two road openers against MAC teams." I am willing to serve as a MAC team's Goliath if our road game is on national TV and they agree to two games at Alumni. BC profits via exposure and then with an added future home game. With setup scheduled, I now want Gene to get these Kent State games on TV.

Speaking of TV, right now it looks like three of our non-conference home games will not be televised. There is still hope for ESPN 360 but this is really disappointing. I know that our ESPN deal precludes NESN stepping in, but I would think that the Red Sox or the ACC could reach some sort of compromise. I can see why there might not be interest in Bowling Green, but Army would do fairly well nationally and any game against another New England team would be worth NESN's time.

Here is a very good ACC Football blog.

In more Brighton news, current students better be careful off campus or they'll end up in the paddy wagon.


ScreaminEagle50 said...

I was also disappointed to see the game with Umass was not being televised. Living out in Chicago now and was hoping to watch the game on satellite with a Umass graduate friend. This one has me worried as a potential letdown. Any idea how they will be after last years team that went to the 1-AA Championship and loss by one to Navy?

Brian Favat said...

I think Kent State is a decent schedule pickup. I would like to see us continue the upgrade of the schedule by losing the Service Academies and picking up a Big East or SEC team (in a market we don't play in today in the ACC).

There was an article from a CT paper a few weeks back advocating UConn and BC put aside their differences and schedule a football series for the next few years. This would be great for New England football, and although this is needed much more by UConn than it is for our program, this would be a classy move to smooth over the bad blood as a result of the Big East defection. Scheduling UMass seems like a direct UConn snub. Although I'm sure UMass is aspiring to possible move up into the 1-A world, scheduling a 1-AA team doesn't look that great for us.

I agree though with screamineagle that this is a possible let-down game or one of those games that is much closer than anyone ever expected at the beginning of the season.

In the SEC, Alabama, Tennessee/Vanderbilt, Kentucky, or Mississippi/State would be great pickups and give BC exposure to those markets for eyeballs and recruiting.

We should also look towards the midwest and possibly pickup a series with a average Big 10 team (think Penn State home 'n away a few years back).

Darius said...

It's more than a little bad blood. UConn--not BC--chose to burn that bridge with its lawsuit. Besides, why should BC be classy towards UConn when UConn NEVER has been classy in return? Too many tales of fan ugliness in Hartford to make that an appealing visit for any BC fan. Simply, BC has NOTHING to gain from another thumping of UConn and everything to lose should we blow one.

As far as scheduling a 1-AA, most teams are doing that now. At least it's not two or three a year like in the Flutie era. Speaking of the Flutie era, if you look back you'll see one of the teams at issue listed on the schedule: UMass. Not UConn. BC has more of a history of playing UMass, playing them way back when and then every year from the 60s into the 80s. The games we had to play against UConn in the Big East were the first since the 20s.

Lally said...

Fav -

No disrespect to an old Duschene cronie, but I want little if anything to do with UConn after the lawsuit thing when we left the Big East. Besides, I'd rather have a good, competitive game on our schedule and I just don't see UConn getting their program to that level.

We have Syracuse coming up soon and they have been good in the past, hopefully they can turn it around.

Willis said...

I'm impressed with the level of representation from Duchesne on this blog. See you boys at some games this year?

I agree with Pat (Lally) that after the lawsuit, ketchup splashing fans, and a concern that my laptop might get stolen if UConn people come to Alumni, we should avoid UConn at all costs.

I'm really not that excited for Syracuse. A Big East matchup I would like to see is BC/Rutgers at Giants Stadium (Strong BC presence in NY).

Nicholas said...

I would love to get a non-conference football rivalry back in the NE. Having one local marquee game a year (what we used to have with Holy Cross) would create more college football buzz in the NE (Close road games, contending for talent, just what the rest of the country deals with). UConn seems to be an easy choice but I think our upcoming series with Syracuse will be adequate. No BC fan should have to go through the West Hartford experience (Think 40 year old men acting like they drank for the first time, womens basketball season ticket holders and accounting firm picnics rolled into one amateurish inebriated crowd).

Traveling to the 2003 UConn game was a miserable experience. Growing up in Big-12 country where most fans (non-buffalo) are typically hospitable, it was disturbing visit to a non-traditional football state. I took a bus down with fellow Eagle fans and we had to park all the way down on this long runway of a parking lot. Trash hurled at our bus the whole way down. UConn fans running up to the bus and dumping beer through the windows. Then we had to walk the gauntlet back towards the stadium. The crowd’s action inside the stadium was no better.

ATL_eagle said...

Duschene sucked. Cushing has the key first bus drop off and was much closer to Stuart.

Lally said...

Hey Bill, watch it. It seems from the comment board there's a fair number of old Duschene residents reading your work.

Brian Favat said...

I must agree with my fellow freshman year buds. Duch West rocks.

In terms of a Big East matchup, all valid points about the UConn football program. I am not at all excited to see the Syracuse series renewed. Their football program is not going anywhere as far as I can tell. A Rutgers home n home would be ideal; have the games in Giants Stadium and Foxboro.

Speaking of 1984, didn't we play Alabama that year? Let's renew that or get another middle of the pack SEC team on the slate.

See you all in a few days for wins #1 and #2.