Thursday, September 13, 2007

BC-Georgia Tech preview

When the schedules were announced everyone moaned about BC starting the season with three conference games. Few thought that BC could start 3-0. Well two of those games are down and the big one is left. Georgia Tech is easily the toughest test yet for the new staff. If BC wins Saturday, people will start to take notice around the country.

Theme that won’t be discussed on television
Georgia Tech’s defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta is considered one of the best in college football and gets plenty of credit whenever the Yellow Jackets are on TV. What is unlikely to be discussed is the role Frank Spaziani played in his career. Spaz came over to UVA with George Welsh from Navy and coached Tenuta as a player and then had him as a GA. What sort of insight will this provide in 2007? Probably not much, but at the same time what writers, bloggers and announcers often fail to realize is that every coach has seen everything at one point or another. Are Tenuta’s blitzes aggressive and relentless? Yes. But Jags, Spaz and Logan have seen that sort of thing before. They know BC will take their lumps. They also know there will be opportunities.

Three Simple Keys
1. Give Bennett a variety of looks. Taylor Bennett is considered a more stable and consistent QB than Tech’s previous QB Reggie Ball. In my opinion it is a little early to judge. He’s looked good but has been afforded the luxury of starting the year off against a rebuilding Notre Dame and DIAA Samford. Let’s see how he responds when his running game has been shutdown and he has to put the ball in the air. Will he remind people of Reggie Ball when he has no idea what the BC defense is doing?
2. Win the turnover battle. Both teams have been very successful at forcing more turnovers than they’ve allowed. Bennett has yet to throw an INT and Choice hasn’t lost a fumble this season. BC needs to continue the ball hawking this week.
3. Improve the kickoffs. It is amazing that the horrid kickoffs have not cost BC a game already. You cannot allow good teams to consistently start beyond their own 35 yardline. Ironically, the actually coverage and tackling has been very strong on the returns. (I guess it is easier to tackle when you don’t have to run downfield!) Freshman Billy Bennett showed promise towards the end of the NC State game. Let’s hope he picks up where he left off and we don’t have to watch anymore shanks.

Gambling notes
-- Gailey’s teams are 12-4 in ACC home games
-- Gaily has only started 3-0 once in his time at Georgia Tech
-- A BC coach hasn’t won his first road game since Joe Yukica in 1968
The current line is BC+7

What would be a pleasant surprise? BC picking apart Tech’s defense. Tech can be scored on, but even the high scoring games have a slugfest feel to them. I would be shocked if Ryan is able to stand in the pocket and pass at will.

What would be a letdown? Losing a close game. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but BC is so close to a great start. This game is followed by four very winnable contests. Losing would not be a huge setback but it would ruin our chances of a 7-0 buzz-generating season.

What would be a shocker? Getting blown out. Like last season, I think BC’s team will be in every game this year.

Bottom Line
As always, I think we will win. In fact, I think BC matches up against GT better than we do against some of the weaker teams in the conference. I think Ryan and the offensive line will handle the blitz fairly well and I think the defense will continue their bend but don’t break strategy.
Final Score: BC 30, GT 24


Nathan said...

I just cannot imagine a scenario where BC successfully "shuts down" GT's running game. Choice has slashed through every good rush defense he's faced over the past year (Miami, VT, UGa, etc) and while I think BC has a fine front 7, they aren't the best Choice and the GT line have faced. With the addition of Dwyer to the backfield and Peek, Cox and Bebe blocking on the edges this is a very, very, very good running game.

That's going to be the big battle - if GT can run the football fairly successfully then we'll probably win. If BC is able to stuff the run game, you'll probably win.

LAEagle said...

if i wasnt such a jinx, i'd def throw 500 down for bc not to lose by more than about lack of respek

flutie22phelan20 said...

This is one of those season-defining games. And it's also one of those games that our former coach would have made unwatchable.

Both teams match-up with each other well, and I think the game will come down to how beat up Matty gets by their D. I think, unfortunately, the answer is "very." Our D is absolutely tailor-made for a team like GTech, and I look forward to Tribble baiting their QB.

Jags and the staff can establish themselves for a long time to come on Saturday night; here's to hoping they do.