Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday links

Slow news week. Here are a few items of interest.

ESPN Classic will broadcast BC's game against Army live. This is good news for those of us who thought we'd have to watch via ESPN 360. Perhaps there is still hope for the UMass and Bowling Green games.

BC also confirmed that we will play Northwestern in a two-game series beginning in 2011. Northwestern might not get the heart pumping but it is not a bad out of conference game and should be nice for our many alums in the Chicago area.

News & Observer columnist Calton Tudor also has a podcast. You can listen to it off of ACC Now. He touches on the issues of the day in the ACC.

Here's a quick breakdown of the game from the AJC.

I'll have a pregame post Saturday and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible Saturday night. I'll be at the BC pregame party at Jocks & Jills and then in the BC section at the game. Most of you know what I look like by now, but look for the pants!

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Brian Favat said...

BC - Northwestern is a good series and I'm glad we are getting a Big 10 opponent back on the schedule after we got Penn State during their down years in 2003-2004. Hopefully the Wildcats program is better in a few years. Although after losing to Duke last week at home, I'm not holding my breath ...

This is the BCS conference team DeFilippo was alluding to when we announced the USC deal.,7/last/

Notre Dame in '08, '09, '10.
Northwestern in '11, '12.
USC in '13, '14.