Monday, October 08, 2007

Heisman up for grabs

With no front runner to back, Heisman attention is now shifting to Matt Ryan. I know some bigger things are in the works but here are a few links to review.

Sportsline has Ryan at the front of the pack.

SI has BC as a team to watch and slots Ryan as fourth on the Heisman watch.

The Ryan for Heisman guys found some good video from Saturday.

As for bloggers, the Big Lead likes Ryan more than the Heisman Pundit.

In my opinion this is good, but still very premature. For Ryan to get the award BC needs to get to the ACC Championship game and he needs to play flawlessly down the stretch.


Big Jack Krack said...

Good morning, Eagle Fans:

If we pay attention to business, Matt Ryan's Heisman hopes will take care of themselves. We don't want to be like some consultants - worrying about billing, rather than producing a good product for the client.

Well, when you come right down to it - except Flutie’s Senior Year (Junior and Sophmore were thrilling, and his Freshman year as well, but….) when we won the Cotton Bowl (one of 4 majors at that time) and finished 4th in one poll and 5th in the other - this is our best shot.

I worry about every game, including Notre Dame - but I’m confident we’ll win that one.

Then we have Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Florida State in Boston, Maryland in College Park, Clemson in Death Valley and Miami in Boston.

By the time we play Miami, the Division will have been decided, I think, and we’ll know if we’re going to the ACC Championship. The Virginia Tech game could be the first look at the two teams in the Championship. I feel this year that BC will go into Blacksburg for a HUGE Thursday night game Oct. 25th - with a great game plan and will not be intimidated. I think we can win a close game. But really, it boils down to Florida State, Maryland and Clemson - we need to win those three games.

Frankly, I think this can be magical. Yes I know we stumble to 9-3; 8-4 in the past with very good teams. Realistically, we won’t win them all - but maybe this year we will.

That is why I have already reserved a week at the Marriott/Doral for golf and the ORANGE BOWL!!!! I already put my money where my mouth is.

That doesn’t mean I’m overconfident or nuts - just really excited. For the fans going to the ND game - do us proud this weekend in Chicago and South Bend. Bring home the bacon.

Do you need anything to get riled up about the game at ND? How about these posts on one of the ND blogs:
Let’s kill these guys - see below:

Sade | Email | Homepage | 10.08.07 - 11:34 am | #

Since it's B.C. week, can someone please explain the Fredo reference? Is that just their coach's name, or is it a nickname that I don't understand? I'm sure we'll hear it plenty of times over the next two weeks, thanks!
Erik '04 | Email | Homepage | 10.08.07 - 3:31 pm | #

He was the sissy brother in "The Godfather" who was totally overshadowed by Sonny and Michael much like BC is overshadowed by almighty ND.
Fredo | Email | Homepage | 10.08.07 - 3:37 pm | #

Erik - The whole story on Fredo/BC is explained in the back room almanac over at NDNation. Get over there are read up on it.
dbldomer7375 | Email | Homepage | 10.08.07 - 3:38 pm | #

Let's kill thiese guys!! BC fans - please make sure you make plenty of references to Fredo ND after we belt them.


Big Jack Krack said...

By the way - I will still go to Doral and then on to Disney for a few days - and then to New Orleans - because dreams can come true!

Anticipation is great isn't it - nervous energy.

Why am I being optimistic and crazy? Because I can!

Then it will be back to the real world - and that's not bad either.

Eagle in Somerville said...

Jack, could you link to the exact spot where the Fredo thing is explained?
I was having trouble finding it and wanted to read it.

Vincent said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Eagle in Somerville:

I think I got on Blue Gray Sky and then just picked one of the blogs listed there.
Unfortunately, I don't remember which one - but when I get some time I'll try to figure it out. One of them was NDNation, I think.

Matthew said...

before we get game analysis and our preview later in the week...

I'm wondering if anyone has watched ND play this year and can offer some thoughts about them. I haven't seen too much outside of highlights (rather, lowlights).

It's only Tuesday, and I need more college football already! I'm very excited about this Saturday, but a bit anxious/nervous as well. My gut tells me that we will not disappoint on National TV. what do you guys think?

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Eagle in Somerville:

I got on Blue Gray Sky and just follwed the comments on the first article - Sunday Oct. 7th. I'm at work, so I need to get refocused - I could get lost researching this stuff.

I must say, I have hated ND ever since Hotz pulled that fake punt when it was 40 - 0 in '92. I told every ND fan I met that they would regret that move.

Matthew - I'm usually pretty nervous when BC is on National TV - and I will be this time also - but I feel it's our time, and Charlie Weiss' boys aren't going to stop us this game.

I think these players really are level-headed, poised, and understand what needs to be done. They look at the Patriots and understand it's all about preparation, etc., before executing on game day. We have a top-notch coaching staff, enough veteran players to not be intimidated - let's roll in South Bend.

And now I'll shut up and let others have some fun with their thoughts.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

Remember, Jags was the OC during the Mike Cloud game in 1998. I would imagine he wants this just as much, if not more than, the players.

tow2nd2none said...

Cbssportsline has ranked the top 100 draft prospects for the 2008 class. Only USC(with 5) has more prospects in the top 20 than BC(with 3). It doesn't say when the last time it was updated. The link:

Lally said...

#8 - Not only Jags but I think Logan wants to prove something, too.

Maybe someone else has the direct link or knows the story better but apparently when Weiss took the ND job he told Logan that "no college coach can X and O better than me."

Logan's response? "Charlie, don't say that. Just don't say that."

Expect some fireworks this weekend.

nheagle said...

The website re: Fredo is The message board is Rock's House (click the tab on the top left of the main page). The postings are usually ridiculous and will fire you up, especially this week where many are absurd.

Eagle in Brighton said...

The fear of a letdown game v. down ND should be non-existent (though the parallels to '93 are eerie). Jags is acuity aware of the passion for this game, as are a good portion of the upperclassmen on this team who have experienced this rivalry first hand.

Let delusional ND fans clamor for some semblance of cocky confidence- they are going to need a lot more than that if they want to take this game.

If BC brings their talent, or even 3/4 of their potential, they should be able to take this one in South Bend. Lets hope Matty Ryan, like this years squad, shows what their worth on national television.

Eagle in Brighton said...

By the way, with a Eagles victory, its looking like ND/Duke will be the showdown of the year. It'll be an epic battle of one win teams...

Btw, to continue the analogy, ND is like Sonny- talented yet overconfident, his hubris ultimately amplified his epic downfall.

There really is nothing worse than poor leadership and squandered talent (re: ND).

GordonsLeftFoot said...

Lally, I did a Google search and found the quote you were talking about. It is from a Sept 2006 article in the News Observer.

Here is the link:

It is about 2/3 through the article. Below is the excerpt regarding Charlie Weis.

Responding to a call from a Notre Dame fan after the loss to Michigan, Logan recalled a statement by Irish coach Charlie Weis upon leaving the New England Pats' staff for South Bend, Ind.

"Charlie said something like, 'There aren't any college coaches who can X-and-0 with me.' When I heard that, I said to myself, 'Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Don't say that. Just don't say it.' It was a bad mistake," Logan said.

BCNorCal07 said...

I just read through some of the comments on Wow, I'm starting to actually feel sorry the ND fans. I mean, their lives sound pretty pathetic. They're still in denial fourteen years later and they don't know how to deal with losing. On top of that, they think they care more than us and that BC fans don't actually care about football or the Notre Dame game. Wow. I'm just trying not to get overconfident here. I'm gonna be knocking on wood every five minutes until the game is over.

Brian said...

Today, the Dash's ( midseason review has ...

1) Coach Jags as national rookie coach of the year and best coaching job in ACC
2) Ryan as the best player in the ACC
3) Us as the biggest surprise in the ACC, given that at least one preseason magazine had us finishing last in the Atlantic.
4) Knocks TOB
5) And is counting on us to win the Atlantic.

BC DAP on and a TOB knock in the same paragraph is a lovely thing to see.

And whoever picked us to finish last in the Atlantic should consider a profession change (this is stated nicely for the young bloggers in the audience) ...

Steve said...

Can someone explain the way the ACC champion from each division is decided? Does overall ACC record count or is it just divisional record.

For example, every ACC team plays 3 games out of division and 5 games in division.

Team A is in the coastal and goes 5-0 against coastal division opponents and 0-3 out of division. Final ACC record = 5-3.

Team B is in the coastal and goes 4-1 against Coastal division opponents (Loses to Team A) and 3-0 out of division. Final ACC record = 7-1.

Which of these teams represents the coastal division in the ACC Championship game?

BCNorCal07 said...

I believe that it is overall conference record that determines division champion (the ACC site was unclear, but referenced division record only as a tiebreaker and only listed overall and conference records). The first tiebreaker used is head-to-head record, which would decide the division champ unless the two tied teams had their annual contest cancelled (normally you play all division oppenents and there are no ties in college anymore). In your example, the team with the 7-1 record which, paradoxically, had a worse division record, would be the division champ.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I actually don't know, I always just assumed it to be overall ACC schedule.

Any insight Bill?

Brian said...

It's definitely ACC record against both Atlantic and Coastal opponents. Which sucks somewhat considering the unbalanced schedule. First tiebreaker for teams with identical conference records is head to head. That's my understanding.

We are in the driver's seat for the Atlantic crown. Let's hope Wake can pull the upset this weekend against Florida State.

thomas said...

Did anyone else read this?

Big Jack Krack said...

Pretty interesting comments from a young graduate - especially considering their 7 straight losses before the win over UCLA last Saturday - as pointed out in the Globe.






And it's not just this season. It stretches back to the final two games of last year: 44-24 and 41-14.

Let's go BC - come out strong, with a great plan, great poise and execution and let's blow ND right off their own field!!!!!

eagleboston said...

Don't worry about the ACC championship, gang. From what I have seen, we are going to have are hands full with all of our future ACC opponents. There is not one easy win in the bunch.

And don't discount Notre Dame. Stanford was an abysmal team just two weeks ago and look what they did to #1 USC. In fact, I have a feeling Notre Dame is going to play us very tough and this game may come down to turnovers. If we lose this, our ACC dreams remain intact, but the Heisman and Top 10 ranking is bye bye.