Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wake up call on Ryan's campaign and other links

The Heisman Pundit put out his latest rankings. Ryan is No. 5. Many will percieve it as a slap in the face. Sadly, it is reality. Voters are still married to the big name and the big games. Ryan is going to have to put on a showcase to get real traction in the race. And if he or BC trips up at all, the award is going to one of the household names.

I am not taking the Irish lightly, but SMQ provides some perspective on their win in the second part of this post.

Although Heisman Pundit isn't giving BC any love, Pat Forde is. He has very good things to say about Jags and Ryan.

Notre Dame bloggers don't want their fans to rush the field if they beat us this Saturday.


tow2nd2none said...

after reading the posts on NDNation, I think it would be prudent to hang a 50 or 60 spot on them, in addition to holding their total offense for the game to negative yards.
They also need to realize that if we were in bed with the media like they always have been, we would be the unanimous #1 in the country right now.

tow2nd2none said...

here's a link to video titled "Bud Light Real Men of Genius - Hopeless Notre Dame Fan"


RFH said...

I think part of HP's ranking is reality and the other part of it is the fact that if anyone other than McFadden wins at this point, the Heismandments fail. If Ryan plays well from here on out, BC should have 3-4 chance to impress voters in primetime. That is why I said on the blog that the cupcakes weren't the important part of BC's schedule. It's all about exposure. Even if the top 200 college football minds have Matty Ice on their radar, that still leaves 700+ voters. It's an uphill climb but certainly possible as long as he plays well and keeps his head while all about him are losing theirs.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think Matt has a great head on his shoulders - he has great coaches and other role models, etc.

Team preparation, execution and results are the key. As soon as he or any other key teammate gets selfish - kiss all dreams away. It must be very difficult to read all this without some kind of inner reaction. I hope it doesn't make him unduly anxious or nervous. I don't think he's the type that would get a big head at all.

Do your best to win, Matt - do your best to win Eagles. It's a long way to NYC. Don't get caught up in the Trophy Hype - it's unproductive. I believe that Matt understands it's a team game.

We're proud of him because of that!!

Eagle in Brighton said...

NDN shouldn't worry their simple Midwestern minds with this foolish storming the field nonsense: with a cool, clean victory #7 on the season, the Eagles will make the decision for them.

Btw, decent turnout tonight on-campus for the ND pep rally: coach Jags spoke, as did Matt Ryan, who even made reference the long term goal of a BCS championship while flanked by the senior letter winners he had asked on stage.

Classy move- expecting a nice coming out party this Saturday for Matty Heisman at the Irish's expense.

LAEagle said...

Living here in Domerland (Chicago) and reading some of their blogs, you would think that they actually have a shot at a BCS Bowl because they beat UCLA (and everyone knows BC sucks and SC lost to Stanford so they can be beat etc, etc,) I actually saw a reference to a 7 - 5 season.

Interestingly, for a game they don't think is a rivalry or even worthy of their disdain, they get awfully worked up about it.

Don't rush the field? Are you kidding me. They have one very weak win and they are worrying how not to behave when they beat BC. Tough to get more arrogant than that.

LondonCatholic said...

The comment about not rushing the field was a pithy way of reminding ND fans what happened last time you beat us, and encouraging us, should something miraculous happen Saturday, to show more class than our opponents (as we always do, whether it's an MSU flag-planting or a BC grass-tearing.) So you'll beat us on the turf Saturday. Yeah, our football team sucks this year; huge victory for you, whoop-de-doo. After the loss, we'll still be ND, and you'll still just be older versions of the overprivileged New England pot-smokers I went to Fairfield Prep with. Jesuits - bah! Marginally Catholic, at best. What do ND and BC have in common? They're both full of people who wanted to go to Notre Dame.

eagleboston said...

London Catholic: I'm from Iowa so I'm not one of those "overpriviledged New England pot-smokers." I can put this in context. The fact is both schools are excellent. You can get a terrific education at both schools. One is not academically better that the other. I went to high school at a Midwest Catholic High School and I chose not to apply to Notre Dame. Sure, the football team was great back then, the campus is awesome. But, it's in the middle of nowhere. There is no comparison between Boston and South Bend. Not even close. There are tons of great academic institutions a T-ride away. The theatre, pro sports teams, libraries, and art centers are all close by. Boston, the city, is what swayed me to BC over Notre Dame.

And after witnessing the intense arrogance of some Notre Dame people, I'm sure I made the right choice 22 years ago. Jesuits, marginally Catholic? Huh? Have you ever heard of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps? Call me when Notre Dame's order places 300 college grads a year in the inner-cities and impoverished areas of our country to do God's work. Once again, arrogance. Go Eagles!

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello London Catholic:

It may come as news to you but many top students would rather go to a classy institution in a world-class city rather than Our Lady of the Cornfield or Wheatfield or In-the-middle-of-nowhere-field.

You,sir, appear to be an idiot - and not very Catholic.

Big Jack Krack said...

Dear EagleBoston:

I should have limited my last comment to Our Lady In the middle of nowhere field.

No disrespect for Iowa or any great state providing the basics for America. Your comments were right on - many great things to learn and experience just a mere T-Ride away.

Many students don't care for the isolation, London. Get real.

Lally said...

If londoncatholic is so upset about BC players taking home pieces of ND's field after beating them in 2002, perhaps he'd like to share with us his feelings about ND players doing the same thing on FSU's field the week before?

But something tells me he doesn't.

Eagle in Brighton said...

You go to school in rural Indiana.

End of Story.

BCNorCal07 said...

London Catholic, I seem to remember Tim Brown (or someone on that '87 ND team) saying that ND probably had as many, if not more, criminals than Miami in that famed "Catholics v Convicts" game. No one at BC pretends to be saints. Hell, we're probably jealous that we don't have the tradition or the atmosphere of ND. It's just that BC fans don't take well to the arrogance and sense of entitlement of ND fans. Hell, ND stole the (arguably) best coach in BC history. So please don't whine to us how this game is meaningless and BC is a horribly inferior school. It just makes ND seem pathetic.

And oh yeah, I'm not from New England and I live in Nebraska. Real privileged northerner right here. BC, if you haven't noticed recently, has a huge national draw. And not a single one of my BC friends wanted to go to ND.

Craig said...

South Bend isn't rural.

(It's not exactly a vibrant community, as it never really recovered from the loss of its industrial base, and it's not a big city like Boston, but it's not rural. And if we want to go to the city, Chicago's within a reasonable drive.)