Friday, October 19, 2007


Very solid appearance by Jags on ESPN last night. Hit all his BC talking points and is really selling the school and the type of kid he wants. My favorite part is the "who?" about David Wright at the end.


Brian said...

Jags is the man. Thanks for the video.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I love how Jags sells the school: with enthusiasm, pride and class. Doesn't make excuses while embracing the academic rigor of the school.

Great stuff.

Regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, Jags was a terrific hire.

(Let's just hope Steve Logan stays on board in the coming seasons...)

c said...

as a met fan, that d. wright part at the end makes me laugh. he's the least controversial athlete in new york yet he finds time to trash talk my alma mater of all things. ha ha. david!

just found your blog a few weeks ago. you do a great job. thanks.