Thursday, October 18, 2007

Basketball Preview: Meet Corey Raji

This will be an important year for BC basketball. Skinner has to mix his most touted recruiting class with one of his thinnest rosters of returning, productive players. I'll take quick glances at the new and old faces as the season approaches.


Corey Raji, G/F, 6’5

The last name should be familiar. Corey is B.J.'s younger brother. Raji was a late bloomer on the national basketball scene but ended up getting offers from many ACC and Big East schools. He’ll be a wing player at BC

Strengths: High basketball IQ. Good energy and rebounder.

Questions: How will he handle bigger forwards? Can he improve his perimeter shot?

Outlook: Raji has the makings of a classic Skinner player in that he is not the most physically gifted but will make things happen with hustle and smarts. I don’t know where he will fit in the rotation. He could start or end up scrambling for minutes behind Roche, Sanders and even Spears (this year’s rotation is the biggest question mark heading into the season). I predict Raji will acquit himself well early and be a regular contributor throughout the season. My guess is that he’ll be good for 5 points and 5 rebounds a game.


Andrew said...

AE: As we go forward with these assessments, what's the basis for your previews of the incoming players? Not questioning them at all. I'm just figuring you haven't seen anyone play yet, right?

Great work on the site.

ATL_eagle said...

Andrew: you're right. I haven't seen any of these guys play. I am basing the preview stuff on the things I've read and the stuff people closer to the program have shared.

Willis said...

Anyone who missed the USF-Rutgers game here is Jags on air.