Thursday, October 18, 2007

An outsider's perspective

We tend to see the world through gold and maroon colored glasses. I would also say our opinions on BC and the ACC are often more informed than some of the pundits who have seen BC play a game or two this year. Want a pretty impartial and fair look at the conference? Take a look at this recap by SMQ. I agree with his main point regarding BC:
Either way, the criteria will be the same for B.C. as it's been for would-be contenders from the Big East, which is now for all intents and purposes the ACC's equal: go undefeated, and hope there are no fellow unbeatens from any of the other five power conferences in line for the second spot.

We just need to take care of our business. The rest of college football will not matter until December 2. Right now we just need to beat Virginia Tech.


crazer said...

BC is in a relatively new position, they are 7 games in and don't need help from anyone to reach the BCS. There have been no WTF games that have plagued them in years past. From here on all the games are tough and they could easily lose any of them, but any loss would be to a quality opponent.

What everyone else does is irrelevant right now. Beat VT, then concentrate on the next game. If they do that then everything else will fall into place.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Coach Jags will be live in studio at the halftime of tonights Rutgers/USF game (ESPN) and Matty Ice will be on 'Rome is Burning' 4:30 EST Thurs.

Eagle in Brighton said...

As Jags/Bill/posters have been saying all along, if the team takes care of business on Sat.'s, the press/accolades are sure to follow.

Can't wait for next Thurs.

Brian said...

ESPN's Fowler's interesting take on the East Coast Media bias. Sure, Ryan isn't the best statistical passer in CFB, but TTech's coach doesn't let his team talked to the media after Monday.

patlos17 said...

Normally I steer clear of this but I was glad to here there is a blog dedicated to respectable discussions. With that being said at the beginning of the season I expected BC to choke earlier (though they have not) and now I'm pleasantly surprised and happy for all things BC football has to offer. I'm much more pleased to see that both the Globe, the Herald, and the national media are taking more notice (albeit sometimes negative). However even with a large percentage of morons such as Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler and Robert Smith (Two OSU grads) hoping that BC loses, doesn't it make it even more rewarding when they win?? We don't even have to say anything back to those news jockeys, you can simply tell how much it annoys them each week they pick against BC, and each week they are proven wrong. Anyway, I know most people aren't interested but another blog to look into is Great blog on Northwestern football, and believe me the guy who runs it is a huge BC fan, from the Boston area, but went to Northwestern. The game breakdown is outstanding and the discussions they have are ones you can all appreciate.

eagleinexile said...

The SMQ discussion is a good one, mostly accurate but this is a guy is a Ryan hater. If putting up big numbers against less than the best was easy, then everyone would do it. Ryan has made some amazing throws, Challenger vs ND, Robinson vs GT, and in general has played mostly mistake free football. He stands in the pocket better than anyone in the country. I think his main competition is Woodson, and with all the Heisman contenders this year, the award is tied to team success.