Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2008 football, Corey Raji, Harvard tutition and other links

This season is not yet over, but people are already looking ahead to next year. Tobacco Road insider Caulton Tudor expects us to finish at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. I think next season will be a real challenge. Every team on our schedule should be better and we'll have an untested quarterback. At this point -- with the full schedule and potential staff changes unknown -- I think 7-5 and a bowl berth would be a very good season in 2008.

The ACC named Corey Raji the Rookie of the Week.

Harvard is restructuring their financial aid and tuition requirements to help the middle and upper-middle class. This is long overdue and will hopefully have a ripple effect on all private, elite colleges. I wish BC had been at the forefront of this effort. I assume that if Harvard is successful with this, BC and other schools will not be far behind.

In other news related to the BC experience, Father Leahy is considering moving all undergrads on campus. Not sure how I feel about this. I enjoyed living off campus my Junior year. It would be nice to give every student the option. Forcing kids to stay on campus won't change the dynamics with the neighbors. They'll always have something to complain about.

Duke is still looking for a new head coach. This article mentions Steve Logan. This one does not. I think Logan will be at BC next year.

BC recruit Max Halloway played well in a Florida All Star game.


Matthew said...

Move all the juniors on campus and there will literally be no outlet for partying. Obviously that's the idea from the powers that be, but weekend social life for students (especially freshman) would consist solely of drinking in dorms and trying to keep the music low enough to evade the RAs. Get those McLovin ID's ready.

jay said...

that tobacco road guy is smoking something other than tobacco.

next year's D will arguably be better than this year's and will keep us in games. we won't be in the ACCCG, but we won't be last, either.

Brian said...

Caulton Tudor writes for the Raleigh News & Observer. I can't take his predictions seriously as a neutral observation. TOB probably paid him off to pick NC State over BC. ;)

Also, let's be honest: it takes 0 guts and little to no insight to pick Va Tech to win the ACC again next year.

b said...

Um, don't people like this pick us to finish last every year? I think we've reached the point where there's too much coverage and writers have to waste their time on predictions for something this far in the future.

Big Jack Krack said...

The fellow who made that prediction might be cracked. I agree with Jay that the D next year could be better. Just think if Toal and Raji come back - and we can keep Toal off the injured list, our defensive line and LB's will be awesome. There's also no reason our DB's can't be pretty good.

Offensively, even though we have an untested quarterback, I think Chris Crane will do very well while the young guns are getting ready. Maybe BC will employ several QBs like a lot of teams. Our O-Line hopefully will be the same as this year - I don't see that much of a drop off. The receivers might well be better.

Our big unknown will be running back. I don't know enough about the newcomers to rate them as a negative yet - but there's no question we will miss Calendar and Whitworth. I don't think we'll see Brooks next year - just a hunch. He fumbles too much anyway. The cupboard is pretty bare with Jeff Smith gone.

I think Josh Haden from MD and maybe Isaac Johnson from MA will get a chance right away. I don't know who else we are recruiting.

Congratulations to Jamie Silva - AP All-America first team. Matty made another First Team list - when was the last time that happened at BC?

Big Jack Krack said...

I neglected to mention the kicking game. What is Bennett's long term outlook? It will be tough to replace Ayers, obviously. And as we witnessed in the ACC CG, the PK game cost us the championship as much as anything - in my opinion.

mod34b said...

As to next year, I see the Clemson hype machine is already in overdrive. First, they claim with a straight face that they "deserve" the Chick-a-ma-jig bowl. Then they say for 2008 they will be #1 in the ACC Atlantic and Cullen Harper is an early 2008 Heisman favorite.


Its been such a joy the last 3 year to dash the hopes of the hyped-up over confident Tiger paw crowd. The Clemson folks really do beleive their own hype and and are so very, very disappointed every year. :-) Can't wait for next year! It is really the best game of the year!

mod34b said...

7-5 next year!! hrrumpft!! What low expectations.

In 2008, we supposedly play at home: Clemson, MD, Va Tech, GTech, ND and RI;

away: FSU, NC State, Wake, NC, Kent State and TBD

Seems like you are already predicting losses to ND and Clemson!

Shame on you!!

mod34b said...

In fact, this year in august you said "At Clemson. Loss. We’ve pulled off improbably wins against the Tigers in 2005 and 2006. The luck runs out here."

I know you live near Clemson --- are you a double agent!

Matthew said...

Craig Smith has been tearing it up lately! his last 4 --

13 and 2 in 29 min
20 and 9 in 27 min
16 and 8 in 36 min

and tonight, 36 and 8 in 38 minutes, on 14-22 shooting, 8-9 FT... good to see craig succeeding, even if the team is absolutely awful. Second on the team in RB, first in FG%

And sean williams seems to be going up an down like jared is.

05Eagle said...

I watched the first half of the Wolves-Wiz game tonight and witnessed the absolute force that was Craig Smith. It took me back to the days of watching him dominate the Big East in Conte. It's a shame he's on such a crappy team because he would be a nice addition off the bench for a number of contenders. Hopefully he'll continue to get the minutes and perform at a high level.

ATL_eagle said...

I wasn't trying to poor mouth 2008. The D will be as good or better. But the offense will struggle and the Atlantic Division will be much tougher.

Joe Grav said...

I've got 9-3 next year myself.

bceagle08 said...

Big Jack-
What's the deal with Jeff Smith? I know he is missing the bowl game because of a concussion but he's not done for good right?

ATL_eagle said...

08, Smith is done. Forever.

eagleboston said...

I agree with our esteemed blog host. Realistically, we are looking at 7-5. If the ball bounces right, we can win 8 or 9 games. Folks, we lose 17 seniors. That is a huge hit for any team and there will be a drop-off. That is why I was so decimated by our losing the championship. This year was our one shot to win it all and we did not finish the job. I think we can contend in the Atlantic each year, but to actually get to the championship game may be a once-in-a-decade shot.

Eagle in Brighton said...

7-5 is conservative/realistic...

but I wouldn't be surprised if with some luck from young/untested offensive guys (Oline + RB), we could be looking at 8-4, perhaps even 9-3.

Clemson fan's need to relax a little bit...they haven't proved anything since we've been in the ACC.