Friday, December 07, 2007

ACC opener this weekend

In one of those quirks that has never been explained to me, the men's basketball team opens their ACC schedule against Maryland again this Sunday. In addition to starting conference play against Maryland every year, we also play the Terps a month before we play any other ACC team.

Maryland comes in a misleading 6-3. They dropped three games but all to quality opponents. They also have a good win over Illinois and a tight win over a scrappy Northeastern. BC fans will recognize the familiar names of James Gist and
Greivis Vasquez. Maryland's scores enough with their version of the flex. Their real strength this season is their defense. They block a good amount of shots and challenge everything.

For BC to win, we need to do the follow:

1. Get to the line. For a team that blocks as many shots as Maryland, the Terps don't commit a ton of fouls.
2. Defensive rebounds. We need to limit their possessions.
3. Pick up the pace. We matchup fairly well with the Terps. I think the key will be pushing the ball and the tempo. We need our small guys to score in bunches.

This will be a good test for the team. They have surprised so far. Let's hope they continue this weekend.

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Alex F. said...

We play them late in the year in football every year, too. My guess is that the ACC powers that be are trying to help create a rivalry between the conference's only 2 northern schools, which I don't have a problem with.