Thursday, December 06, 2007

Coaching carousel's impact on BC

The coaching carousel keeps turning. We are not involved this season, but there is still impact on our program. As I said at the Fanhouse, it seems like Arkansas went after every coach in the ACC. Here are my thoughts on how the ACC changes will impact BC.

Bowden staying at Clemson. Good news for the most part. Bowden staying means that Clemson will continue to be a tough game for BC. But I also believe he has a ceiling and will not dominate the division or the conference. I do believe that Clemson is a sleeping giant. If they had hired the right coach, the Tigers could have locked up the Atlantic Division for a decade. Instead, we get more Tommy. We still have a chance.

Florida State announced a succession plan. Good news for BC. This keeps the conferences biggest program in limbo for another season or two. Is Bobby calling the shots? Is Jimbo? If Florida State struggles does Fisher still take over? I know the goal was stability. I think the Seminoles will find this creates more confusion.

Jim Grobe is staying at Wake Forest. Bad, bad news for BC. As long as Grobe is at Wake they will remain a tough game for BC. I had hoped he would move on and the Deacons would sink to Duke like levels in football.

Georgia Tech still looking. Doesn't really affect BC. I think Georgia Tech will be a solid program with the right hire. However, since they are in the other division, we don't have to deal with them too often.

Duke still looking. Bad news for BC. I want them to hire someone quickly and I want Gene to give Logan a nice raise.


Hammar69 said...

I think Grobe remaining at WF is good news for BC and ACC. If Wake were to sink to the level of Duke, what would that say about the strength of the ACC? After months of BC fans complaining about the lack of respect for BC and the ACC in national circles, we need a strong league, top to bottom. To gain national respect, we don't need another Duke football program -- and as a season ticket holder, I would not want another home cupcake opponent every other year.

John said...

Very interesting article on the Peach and how they decided the teams. (is it even the peach now?)

Eagle in Somerville said...

I agree with hammar69. Also, if Grobe left Wake, wouldn't that be one more North Carolina school that might look at Logan?

Brian said...

Hammar69 - it would only be a BC home game against Duke every ~4-5 years, but point taken. ACC needs to be strong.

We need to hire the team that markets ACC basketball or SEC football and put them on the ACC football campaign. I don't think the conference was SEC level this year, but a case can be made against every other BCS conference's stength this year relative to the ACC in my opinion

Brian said...

I'm actually less concerned with Logan jumping to a fellow ACC school and more concerned with him jumping to the NFL. Anyone else feel this way?

eagle1331 said...

Navy's Paul Johnson went to Georgia Tech

BCNorCal07 said...

Paul Johnson has the potential to be a great hire for GTech. He succeeded in near impossible circumstances and runs a (now) unusual offense, the true wish-bone, triple option. As we saw last year, it's a tough offense to defend, even when you have a month to prepare for it.

The big questions are whether Johnson will succeed against consistently tougher competition than he faced at Navy, can, whether he can be successful hitting the recruiting trail, and (for GTech) whether he can beat Georgia. Personally, I think BC should thank it's lucky stars the Wreck play in the other division because of our ongoing struggles against mis-direction offenses. We only end up playing the Wreck twice every five years, sot hat's not too bad, plus if Johnson succeeds it just makes the conference that much better. So, in my opinion, good hire for GT and thank god for divisions.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

I'm not sure if last year's Bowl Game is a good reference point considering all of the stuff that occurred in the weeks before and that we were with an interim head coach.

That being said, I think it is a good hire. Anyone is better than Chan Gailey.

Brian said...

I agree that Johnson is a great hire for GT and for the ACC, but can you imagine if GT begins to dominate the Coastal year in, year out and BC and/or Wake is competing for the Atlantic yearly?

I think John Swofford might have a heart attack.