Sunday, December 16, 2007

A few Sunday links

I don't know other's take, but it seemed like Blaudschun put a melancholy spin on this Ryan moving on article. I hope the team is fired up by the time they take the field against Michigan State. The best part of the piece was Ryan's quote at the end about how different their lives are from normal BC students. Puts things in perspective. They are students, but given unique opportunities and in return, asked to live a very different life.

Yet another article on Colin Larmond. Seems like a really good kid.

Some soccer players earned academic honors.

A nice article on Basketball assistant Pat Duquette. We often give Al credit for having a great eye for talent when it comes to players. He's also done a pretty good job of surrounding himself with good assistants.


Big Jack Krack said...

I have never been a Blaudshun fan, but I must admit to being a little uneasy about the bowl game. This is Coach Jags first chance to get this team motivated and keep the streak going.

I know that our bowl games have been lower level - but the streak is very important and something about which we can all be proud.

A victory over Michigan State in the Champs Sports Bowl is a feather in our cap - and also a must. Even though Michigan State finished 7th, I think - they are tough. Still, we would never hear the end of it if we lost.

Let's go Jags - these guys are self-motivated, but let's show everyone what we all feel about you - that you are top-notch and will have the team 100% ready for this game.

On another note - Saban, Petrino and Rodriguez, etc. - this is eventually going to ruin college football because the players will resent being talked down to by these egomaniacs. Arkansas is now a joke with Petrino and his brother - maybe he can hire some more family members while he's at it.

I actually believe Jags that this is the one job he wants. I think we have a real good fit for BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Matty Ryan has simply been a great quarteback and representative of Boston College Football and Boston College. He is a great representative of all the seniors, who we will miss very much.

Matty and the seniors must go out as winners.

Go BC - Beat Michigan State. We owe them a big one from the Hockey National Championship Game.

Angela said...

Thanks for posting the article Atleagle! It really is representative of what a great guy Matt Ryan is. I had the pleasure of meeting him about a year and a half ago and he deserves all the success that has come to this team this year and in the future. He is so good at putting things out there that really represent the life style and mind-set of an intercollegiate student-athlete. Being one myself, and a senior at that, not a day goes by where a teammate doesn't touch your life in some way (whether it be good or bad). Go BC!