Saturday, December 15, 2007

GeneTV and other links

Gene filmed a little video clip to sell the Champs Bowl. BC is really doing their part for this game. Let's hope we get some traction with the fans. I know I sound like a broken record on this stuff, but you shouldn't view these games by their prestige. Just view it as a road trip to see BC football. Everyone I know who sees BC on the road has a good time.

How can BC afford to bring the band, give students free tickets and subsidize Florida buses? ACC revenue sharing. This means the BCS games are not windfalls, but it also reinforces the best revenue sharing plan in college sports. BC is very fortunate to be in the ACC.

Catching up with Jermaine Watson.

Another article on future Eagle Colin Larmond.

In the East section of this article there is a quote from another BC recruit from New Jersey, Alexander DiSanzo.


LAEagle said...

re: DiSanzo

Commits because "Why should [he] wait for something unrealistic?"

Um. Does this little **** want to be an Eagle or not? I don't want to be safety school for ANYONE. I already don't like this kid. I didn't like the stories I heard about him during the recruiting process, and I don't like this. I hope Jags knows what he's doing with this one.

Bosco2BC said...

i agree, i don't like disanzo's comments at all... and that's coming from a bosco alumnus, as well. somebody needs to get toal to whip this guy into form.

eagleboston said...

Who cares about DiSanzo? Did you read the article about Larmond? This kid sounds like a budding superstar. His high school coach says BC expects him to start next year! We may finally have the big-time go-to receiver with some heighth to boot. He sounds like a smart, positive kid who is a winner.