Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday video links

Jared Dudley on ESPN.

The Big Ten Network previewing the Champs Bowl.


bceagle08 said...

i love jared

Big Jack Krack said...

Jared has a good sense of humor - what a story he has been.

Concerning the Champs Sports Bowl - this is definitely a great bowl for Michigan State and it caught my attention that "they have something to prove", etc. It also caught my attention that they are Number 1 in the nation in quarterback sacks. They also have a strong running game.

We've got to give Matt a little time to exploit their (struggled all year)secondary.

BC needs to be prepared and focused in this game - as always. Our margin for error is small because we have our own well-known and well-documented vulnerabilities. We cannot afford to come into this game with any kind of a lackadaisical approach on any level - star or backup or deeper on the depth chart substitute. Everyone has to give it 100%. The players know what a "Bowl Time Schedule" is - let's hope Michigan State's rustiness in this regard will work to our benefit.

This will show us a lot about our coaches and players.

BC should win this game!!!!