Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Recruiting links

With the NCAA quiet period approaching, many recruits made commitments to BC the past few days. I'll have more on what I like about the new staff's approach later today. For now, enjoy what these guys have to say about heading to the Heights.

South Carolina kicker/punter Ryan Quigley committed after the weekend. I imagine he'll be our punter and in the mix on kickoffs. In this article, the paper focuses on BC's success graduating players. Quigley also gets a mention at the end of this article.

BC is a factor in the New Jersey recruiting cirlces again. The most recent commit came from Chris Pantale. At BC, he is expected to play Tight End.

Arkansas's loss was BC's gain when Junior Okpara made his commitment to BC. Turned off by Petrino, Okpara reopened the process and connected with the new staff.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Real high on the additions: Pantale's size is tremendous (was getting worried about the TE's in our incoming class).

In terms of Okpara: you gotta love his jab at Petrino, about his lack of character and reputation factoring into his decision process. High integrity guys like these (Okpara) seem to truly be "Jags" sort of players. Great to see additions like that.

Big Jack Krack said...

This sounds very promising.

I look forward to your report on the the recruiting approach of Coach Jags and his staff, Bill. Thank you.

I bet Okpara won't be the only recruit this year or in the future turned off by Petrino. What a weasel.

On another note, does anyone know the status of Brian Toal and B.J. Raji for next year?

I was thinking if we made a BCS Bowl in January both of them could have played - maybe. I sure hope they're both back - our D could be very tough.

JOC BC07 said...

FSU gotta be kidding me...

ESPN radio just reported up to 20 FSU football players could be suspended for their bowl game AND the first three games of next seasons. Nice.

Darius said...

I heard up to 30.

Given that Gene D is allowed to make one request to the ACC regarding scheduling (that's what got us FSU as our first ACC game in 2005), I humbly suggest that Gene ask for another early game with them in '08!

ATL_eagle said...

Actually, there is a chance we play Florida State early next year. It really depends on who gets the ACC Monday night game on Labor Day.

Lally said...

Craig Smith gets big props on cnnsi.com:


EagleInTheCuse said...

I love the add-ons. Not many of them are top-notch "blue chip" players, but they all seem pretty talented. BC has had a way of turning good athletes and good players into great ones, so I'm enthusiastic about the numbers we are pulling in. This is just a glimpse into the recruiting game that we will be expanding upon in the coming years (people coming in from SEC and southern ACC territory!), and it's great to see.