Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New ACCCG home and other links

Goodbye Jacksonville. Hello Charlotte...and Tampa? I don't know how Tampa will be any more successful than Jacksonville. If anything it makes the drive for potential teams that much longer. Charlotte was pushed back two years due to scheduling conflicts. Based on John Swofford's Midas touch, I bet the first game in Charlotte will be a sparsely attended Miami-Florida State matchup and we'll see the smaller ACC schools in Tampa the next two years.

New Hampshire will be well represented in tonight's BC-UMass game.

Big night for Craig Smith in a loss to Washington.

In non-sports news, Harvard is continuing its push into Allston. Where is the outrage that accompanies any BC expansion?


BaldEagle90 said...

Come on. You know the game.

Boston Globe = Harvard Alum =s What's best for Harvard is what's best for Allston.

BC = Those odd Catholics bothering my friends in Chestnut Hill =s Boston Globe anti BC slant.

Same game - all the time.

BCMcG said...

Harvard has faced plenty of opposition from its neighbors. I believe most of it comes from the Cambridge side, but they certainly have not been immune in Allston.

There are also some big differences between the BC situation and the Harvard situation. One, Chestnut Hill is incredibly wealthy and Allston is a dump. Two, BC's a great school with a nice endowment but Harvard is the most prestigious school in the country with a $35 billion endowment.

Matthew said...

cool college football playoff simulation... keep doing it until BC wins

mighty said...

Charlotte and Tampa are dumb choices. Charlotte is more lifeless than Jacksonville. And Tampa only has gentelmen's clubs. Why not ORLANDO? Every airline flies there, everybody loves Disney and the stadium is always available. It could not be a better choice. Does anyone at the ACC main office have an original thought?

BCDoubleEagle said...

This is from September. At least the Brightonians aren't trying to extort BC like this:
"Allston residents said last night that Harvard’s proposal for community benefits was insufficient and demanded that the University commit to providing the neighborhood with a community school and health center before the construction of its multi-building science complex commences this spring."