Thursday, December 20, 2007

Schedule news, recruiting and more links

Most of you probably saw this on, but our game against Kent State has officially been moved to Cleveland. The game will also be played on Saturday, instead of Thursday. That is good news for our fans in Northeast, Ohio. Bad news for everyone else. The Thursday game would have been on TV. This game might not be. Since it is a road game ACC Select and ESPN 360 are unlikely. Keep your fingers crossed.

This article on bowl gifts also made the rounds yesterday. I think our guys getting a $400 shopping spree at Best Buy is pretty cool.

Pennsylvania product Eric Reynolds committed to BC.

Codi Boek is featured in these two articles (1 and 2). I think he has a real chance to play next year.

Finally, former BC assistant and current Temple coach Al Golden has emerged as a candidate for the UCLA job. Only a guy like Golden could turn a 4-8 season at Temple into a plum job like UCLA. We actually owe him thanks for encouraging two of our current staffers (Ryan Day and Mike Siravo) to come to BC. Golden and UCLA is a head scratcher to many involved, but I think he'd do well there.


wrightwb said...

I like how the Sacramento Bee article calls BC an "upstart" when BC's been playing college football since the 1880s. At least they didn't call us the "Golden Eagles."

Alex L. said...

I like how News channel 10 referred to us as "Boston" (like we're the Celtics or something) and that Boek's father's cancer is in "recession". What, is cancer like the economy now?

Big Jack Krack said...

How many quarterbacks are we going to have next year?

Concerning the attendance at the Champs Bowl - I remember how excited I was to go to the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando in 1982. I may be wrong, but I believe the stadium was filled. Even if Auburn filled 3/4 of the seats, BC probably had 15,000 fans. I think we had 20,000 at the Cotton Bowl. The Liberty Bowl in 1983 was so cold I'm surprised either BC or Notre Dame showed up.

But since then, for one (valid) reason or another, we "don't travel well" to Bowls. I thought there would be 10,000 at the Champs Bowl because it's in Florida and it's on the East Coast, but I guess not.

Do you think most BC fans are just over these bowls? Would we have showed up for the Orange Bowl?

I think if we got the Champs Sports Bowl 2 years ago, we would have been happy. A game in Orlando still has to be one of the best venues, right. Problem is, if we lose to MSU, it will be "I told you so".

Knock off the 12th game and bring on the playoffs.

Chizdog66 said...

I was at Tangerine in '82 and Liberty in '83 as well and we had a great following.

The 5,000 for Champs is mind boggling to me. Not sure of many other locations that are this attractive. I wonder what it would take to get BC fans to a bowl. For all my BC friends who aren't going, I've told them they lose their right to complain about our bowls.

I worry that this is going to catch up to us recruiting-wise down the road (i.e we're either in the BCS or headed to Nashville/Charlotte/SF)

Joe Bags said...

"I worry that this is going to catch up to us recruiting-wise down the road (i.e we're either in the BCS or headed to Nashville/Charlotte/SF)"

chizdog - If that is a deal breaker for a recruit then I don't want him on the team.

Angry Eagle said...

All this hand-wringing over our travel rep is, in my view, just that. We don't travel well because we don't have a huge following, you either went to BC or you hate BC. However, fortunately for BC (and unfortunately for college football fans in general), the BCS has ruined the bowl system. I am old enough to remember when New Year's Day mattered, when there were 8 games or so and every one of them had some kind of national championship implication. No more. Now the only game that counts is the championship game, and to a lesser extent the other three BCS bowls. The rest of the games are ESPN filler. Let's face it, there really is not much of a difference in interest between the Gator Bowl and the Poinsetta Bowl, and I'll bet the ratings back that up. Hey that's a good thing for BC - the watering down of importance means it's all or nothing for everyone, not just BC. Either you play yourself into a BCS bowl or you go to one of the countless Who Cares Bowls. The only people watching those games are the fans in the stands and their followers back home. I guarantee you that no one outside of Auburn and Clemson circles will be watching the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with more than passing (or gambling) interest. Same goes for the Champs.