Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alumni links

The Bobcats trip to Boston sparked a few notes on Jared Dudley. The first is in the Herald and talks about his struggles to get on the floor. I hope he hangs in there. He's got potential...Charlotte is just a bad situation for him (and a lot of other players). In the notes section of this article he also talks about his playing time.

In the notes section of this article, Duds give the lowdown on Skinner. Nothing new -- Al is hands off and you need to be smart and motivated to succeed at BC.

In football news, Matt Hasselbeck gets the royal treatment and talks about BC a fair bit in this article.


BCDoubleEagle said...

Also, Paul Peterson was just named quarterbacks and wide receivers coach at Southern Utah University, a I-AA school in the Great West conference.,5143,695242885,00.html

ClassO10 said...

Dudley's time will come. He worked his ass off from being a no-name recruit to ACC player of the year. He has been productive when he is on the floor. He'll be fine.